Hey y'all,

We've just made a hotfix that changes various aspects of Leagues. We’ve heard player feedback that it felt too hard to advance into new Tiers and Leagues and at the same time, it didn’t feel like it was working well as a competitive ranking system. To that end, we’ve made the following changes:

  • We have drastically reduced the number of Crowns needed to advance to new tiers, for all Leagues. For example, it previously took 42,000 Crowns to advance from Gold Tier 5 into Gold Tier 4. Now it only takes 6000(!) Crowns.
  • We have increased the Crown “entry fee” for most Leagues. For example, the previous entry for Gold was 250 Crowns. Now the entry fee for Gold is 1250 Crowns. This means that you need to earn 1250 Crowns to prevent losing rank.
  • We have added entry fees for Silver League. The entry fee starts at 500 Crowns, then becomes 1000 Crowns once you hit Silver Tier 5.
  • We have removed the floors at Tier 10 for each League allowing players to fall out of a League and as low as Tier 5. We also removed the floor in Legend, meaning you can fall back into Diamond if you do not maintain your Crowns.

Note that if you’ve accumulated a large number of Crowns into your current tier, those Crowns will not be lost - in fact, you may end up moving up several tiers (or even a League) after your next match. Otherwise, expect your League and Tier to be the same after this change.

One area that we are unfortunately unable to address in a hotfix is the value of various Accolades. This will have to wait until the next official patch in a few weeks. Among other things, this will put more of an emphasis on whether your team wins or loses the match when determining how many Crowns you earn.

We're eager to hear your feedback on this iteration, so please let us know.

Thanks and have fun on the climb!

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Originally posted by Sh0cktechxx

Thanks for the update. Any timeline for a fix to the dominion shop forcing us to make a selection when at full build?

Next official patch.

Originally posted by xdrvgy

Good changes, and good to hear about upcoming emphasis on winning.

BUT, plat, diamond and legend having same 1500 entry cost does not make sense. That makes them the same rank with just different amount of grind if you can get over 1500 on average.

Also, I still find myself gaining crowns pretty easily with current accolades. I guess I just belong to Legend. Or not. It seems 1500 is still too low hurdle that doesn't contain all skill levels.

The idea here is that you'll be facing harder players at higher Leagues, so it'll be harder to maintain the same Crown winnings as you go up. We're monitoring to see if this proves out, and can always adjust tiers/costs later.

Originally posted by xdrvgy

With same cost, the same players at platinum can keep playing against the same playerbase which over time rises into Legend, playing exactly equally difficult matches in terms of ability to gain crowns.

Yes, maybe more intensely grinding players tend to be better, but thats no different from simple mage level categories.

Maybe the relatively big cost subtraction will differentiate the speed at which differently skilled players rise in a season, but it's still directly multiplied by time played which means that effort can be used to replace skill, and that the plat-legend range is quite heterogenous mix of differently skilled people.

"[...] the same players at platinum can keep playing against the same playerbase which over time rises into Legend", No, only the players who don't lose crowns will rise. That's the intent, anyway. (The updated accolade values next patch aim to further address this. In particular, whether you win the match will be far more important.)