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0s foreign
10s [Music]
11s this is a possibility and it's a very
13s claustrophobic sight to hold here as
15s well here comes Charmander he's gonna
17s try to clean things up though it'll
18s succeed even with a nice little 360
19s there not sure if that was intentional
21s or not but it works either way to lock
23s it in here as we come down to the final
24s five seconds
26s is sitting above to keep money on that
28s shotgun from before we're left out of
29s ammo on it now but it's pretty much that
31s same issue for the Pioneers that voice
33s was struggling with in the previous map
34s where they're struggling to find a way
36s to insert themselves into the fight Momo
37s found his opportunity though and is
39s gonna absolutely Excel upon it
41s only is continuing to deny any and all
44s aggression that has attempt to be thrown
45s up by United still struggling to hold on
48s to the hills but she's suppressed go
50s huge with a triple kill on his Lonesome
52s here maintains that Hill control makes
54s it a kaleidoscope too as he manages to
56s catch Daybreak nicely held by eunited
58s here
60s as things get a little bit too close for
61s comfort exit affiliated with the first
63s two Captain we can see but it just as
64s quickly is the captain waving them
66s Swooty with the Run for the double here
67s that was gonna steal away a and make
69s things a bit more stable for T1 here now
71s yeah really beautiful flying from SUNY
73s they're even getting himself in a
75s position to cap the hill and watch over
76s another one and there's a double kill
78s coming right through no make that a
79s triple let's make that a collection
81s agency Kaleidoscope as Swooty takes over
84s in map number three
86s quiet ears it does look like moist has
88s been able to get the last shotgun going
90s for himself there's to see how it claims
91s quite a few kills with it with great
92s control of the SMG from inside of the
94s portal another little reload here so
97s casual the John Wick style Kill from
99s grad as he spins around for one more as
101s well The Knockout JP beautifully done
104s from the Pioneers one more point to go
106s they're actually gonna get neutralized
107s for a second there we go they get it for
109s themselves and the Pioneers lock in with
110s a surprising Victory on map number one
119s [Music]
121s all right