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Originally posted by Verciau

What are some of your favorite Halo games?

My order from best to worst: Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 1, Halo Reach, Halo 5, Halo 4


Originally posted by NickElf977

What did y’all have for lunch today?

I had leftover Indian food. Great question.


Originally posted by Bigelowed

Thanks for all yours and your teams' hard work.

Now to be a nerd: VR plz?

w to be a nerd:

Thanks for the kind words! Haha I think VR Splitgate would make most people throw up! I do have a VR idea for a game in the future though but that is many years away and unrelated to Splitgate


Originally posted by Player7p2

Will you ever make swat into a ranked gamemode?

No plans at the moment but we are always open to adding more highly requested ranked modes in the future as the game grows.


Originally posted by NotTw1sty

Do creators get ctreator codes?

Partnered streamers do, yes! Check out our discord for more info!


Originally posted by Diabeetoh768

Thank you all for doing an AMA! It's great engagement with all of us. I'd like to ask the following. 1. Linux voice chat, How's this coming along? Any publicly available ETA?

  1. Server "Tick rate", Will the tick rate increase with time? I've noticed a lot of oddities while playing against console players recently.

  2. Are there plans to be more open about current in development features and improvements?

  3. Finally, Community feedback and feature voting? It would be great to have a voice in what maps / game modes get rotated in or out or on new maps / gamemodes. Instead of the community losing our minds when things are taken down.

  1. Server tick rate is currently 60hz. The oddities likely stem from players with bad internet or players in regions far from the servers, not the servers themselves. Some of our upcoming matchmaking improvements should allow us to be more strict with which servers people can play on.
  2. The reason we aren't more open about our roadmap is because things are constantly changing in real time and we don't want to promise something and then change our plans. That said, we absolutely value our community's opinion on things and are always looking for feedback and feature requests!
  3. That's a great idea. We actually today on twitter asked our community which modes they wanted to see on the 24/7 featured playlist. Great minds think alike!

Originally posted by bloodsinister

have you guys thought about filling a swimming pool with the money you guys have raked in and jumping in?

That money is being reinvested to hire people and build the business! Although I appreciate your creativity lol


Originally posted by NokuLive

Will the match making be fixed soon? I and many others have been in too many games where the other team is full of try hards while our teams are just casual players

Actually we are redoing a lot of the matchmaking and backend infrastructure at the moment. It will likely be live in early December and should lead to substantially better games (and also be able to handle much larger player numbers).


Originally posted by VibesTM

Three things

  1. What's something you see underrated about Splitgate?

  2. What are things you've always wanted to include but never could?

  3. Can I have splitcoin pretty please? 😁

  1. Custom games! A lot of people don't realize how fun custom games with friends can be. There are a ton of crazy modifiers that open up a whole new kind of way to play. We will be streaming some wacky gamemodes in custom games tomorrow to show this off!
  2. LORE It's something we didn't have the budget or bandwidth to do before but are starting to discuss this a lot more :)
  3. Yes, just check in 7 days in a row!

Originally posted by THECASEYRICH

Quake or Unreal?

Both are great games but I would have to pick Unreal over Quake! Though I will say Halo 2 is my favorite arena shooter besides Splitgate.


Originally posted by Weak-Inevitable4169

Favorite splitgate gun/mode?

I think the shotgun is the best gun, the Sniper is the most satisfying gun, and Carbine is the gun I'm most proud of. Getting the Carbine to feel good was a surprisingly difficult task despite being a simple weapon. Favorite mode is definitely King of the Hill


Originally posted by DarkStamway

What are your favorite maps to play on?

Depends on the mode. I would say Pantheon is my favorite for TDM because I love the battle for shotgun. Abyss is probably my favorite KOTH map, and Silo is probably my favorite DOM map


Originally posted by NsgSkye

So, is there a plan to fix the Impact map? The clowns using the glitches is getting really old. Also is there a way to fix items not received in battle pass?

Both of those things are on our todo list! We should be able to get the Impact fixes in the next update. The items not being received is a trickier one but is actively being looked into. Rest assured, you will get your items before the end of the season!


Originally posted by Servalbrick

I've heard the devs are really good at the game, how many hours do you reckon they've played

The good ones have played well over 2000 hours :) The bad ones are probably in the 100s!