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We are proud to announce Boreal Blade is coming to Steam Early Access on November 12! Featuring a fluid combat system and the possibility to develop sophisticated fighting techniques and tactics, Boreal Blade offers a fresh challenge for fans of team melee combat!

The Boreal Blade PC beta has been running on Steam since late last year, and we’ve now decided to take it to the next phase – Early Access. Boreal Blade has several different game modes, and by doing Early Access we’re hoping to get more input on what players find most enjoyable and fun, to figure out exactly what we need to focus on with development, along with general polish and bug fixing before doing a full PC release.

The Early Access version of the game is the full experience with several different game modes, maps and progression. Players will be able to start leveling up by playing matches in order to gain access to additional weapons and armor sets that complement different playstyles, as well as more cosmetic items that can be used to spice up their character’s appearance.

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Boreal Blade
Boreal Blade is a team-based melee fighting game with a focus on PvP combat that combines reactionary and tactical gameplay, and allows you to alternate attacks and to develop a unique fighting style.

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