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The StarCraft II War Chest is here, with new skins and a brand-new community tournament! In addition to granting you access to a bounty of goodies—like new skins, sprays, emojis, and more—War Chest 6 allows you to lend some crucial support to War Chest Team League, an upcoming community tournament we’re bringing you in partnership with Wardi. Read on to find out what’s coming, how War Chest works, and details on what you can unlock. Is this your first War Chest? Check out the full explainer at the bottom of the post.


Our goal for War Chest 6 is to make War Chest Team League a success. To that end, we’re committing the first USD $150,000 of the proceeds (less taxes) to prizing and tournament operations for the event. We’ll have full details about the tournament in another upcoming post, but in short, we’re selecting 9 prominent StarCraft II commentators to draft teams of four players each, who will then duke it out in an action-packed clan wars-style format, with tons of opportunities for everyone to shine.

Stay tuned for a complete rundown soon.


Terran – Phase 1
Phase One Terran Rewards: Command Center, Barracks, Supply Depot

Terran – Phase 2
Terran Phase Two Rewards: Missile Tower, Engineering Bay, Bunker

Terran – Phase 3
Terran Phase Three: Star Port, Portrait, etc.

Zerg – Phase 1
Zerg Phase One: Hatchery, Spawning Pool, etc.

Zerg – Phase 2
Zerg Phase Two: Ultralisk Cavern, Spore Crawler, etc.

Zerg – Phase 3
Zerg Phase Three

Protoss – Phase 1
Protoss Phase One: Nexus, Warp Gate, Pylon, etc.

Protoss – Phase 2
Protoss Phase Two: Warp Core, Shield Battery, etc.

Protoss – Phase 3
Protoss Phase Three: Fleet Beacon, Portrait, etc.


  • June 11, 2020: Phase 1 Unlocks
  • July 9, 2020: Phase 2 Unlocks
  • August 6, 2020: Phase 3 Unlocks

The purchase period for War Chest 6 ends on September 2, 2020, after which you’ll have four weeks of Bonus XP to complete your War Chest and finish unlocking all rewards. Complete your War Chest by October 1, 2020 to earn all the goods.


Extras: ProtossExtras: ProtossExtras: Terran

A console skin, a loading screen race banner, and a portrait are immediately unlocked for each race pass you purchase. The War Chest Co-op XP Boost is unlocked upon purchase of any War Chest product, and is active until October 1, 2020.


Nova and her cohort posing before a posterBased on a tip from a “fan,” disgraced news anchor and champion of despots Donny Vermillion chases a story that could resurrect his career—if he lives to tell it. His destination is a remote planet once controlled by the late Emperor Arcturus Mengsk, and he’s not the only one interested in its dangerous secrets. Vermillion crosses paths with former Dominion ghost Nova and her partner Reigel, who are conducting their own investigation of the mysterious world. Featuring characters and storylines from previous War Chest comics, “Nature of the Beast” tests the resolve and humanity of hero and shady reporter alike.


War Chest is a way for you to help support StarCraft II esports and in the process unlock some awesome in-game goodies. War Chests are broken up into phases which last several weeks, and each comes with its own set of rewards that you work toward by earning XP in Versus or Co-op matches.

The Terrans, Protoss, and Zerg each have their own individual War Chest available for purchase (you can get access to all three with the War Chest Complete Bundle), and as you progress, you can earn more than 80 new items, including unit skins, decals, sprays, emojis, and portraits. You’ll also receive a Co-op XP boost for the duration of the War Chest period with your purchase.

Each race’s War Chest features an individual progression path, and you can access all three with the War Chest Complete Bundle. Owning a War Chest immediately grants you rewards in StarCraft II and across other Blizzard games. As you play StarCraft II—both multiplayer and Co-op—you’ll earn XP that unlocks rewards during each War Chest phase over the next three months.

In addition to the War Chest reward paths for each race, you’ll also earn XP toward an additional path that’s free for everyone. Any XP earned toward this free path will be automatically applied to any War Chest you purchase.


Your progress is shared across War Chests, so if you have a Zerg War Chest with five unlocked rewards, any Protoss or Terran War Chest you purchase later will have five rewards unlocked automatically. If you have more than one War Chest, any XP you earn is applied to each path simultaneously.

If you don’t complete War Chest 6 before the October 1, 2020 deadline, don’t worry: all War Chest skins will become available for purchase on a later date.


  • Why doesn’t War Chest 6 fund the ESL Pro Tour?
    When we created War Chest, our goal was to establish a means for our players to help support StarCraft II esports, along with the game’s continued development. With our commitment to our partnership with ESL on the Pro Tour, we feel that StarCraft II esports is in a largely sustainable place.

    That said, we are passionate about the competitive scene, and we’re always looking for ways to make more events happen. With War Chest Team League, we identified an opportunity to put together a fun program that helps support some of our community tournament organizers, commentators, and of course pro players.

    We’re excited to partner with Wardi, who’s been a long-time member of the StarCraft II community, to bring you some raucous, light-hearted StarCraft II fun, and give more players a chance to shine. We hope you have a blast watching!

  • What happens to the funds that are raised beyond the first $150K?
    Additional funds raised by the War Chest will help support StarCraft II.

  • Can I still earn XP toward the War Chest by watching StarCraft II streams on Twitch?
    You won’t be able to earn XP for War Chest 6 by watching streams on Twitch.

  • What if I don’t play enough to unlock stuff?
    There will be a four-week Bonus XP period to complete your War Chest before it closes on September 24, 2020.

  • Is War Chest 6 the only way to get these skins and digital content?
    The War Chest 6 building skins will eventually be made available for purchase separately after the War Chest period ends. Buying the War Chest gets you access to the skins sooner, and with a significant discount.

    Some War Chest 6 content, like the sprays, decals, portraits, and emojis, are exclusive to the War Chest.

    The Bonus XP period at the end of the War Chest will be free to everyone, and will be automatically applied to any War Chest you purchase.

  • What if I buy one War Chest and later decide I want to add one more or both the others? Do I have to grind those War Chests from the start?
    The experience you gain while playing online during the War Chest is applied across all three races. If you choose to purchase other races later, you will be awarded the content you've already unlocked across the other races.

    Similarly, if you unlock free items and later wish to purchase the War Chest, your XP will be applied to that purchase.

  • When can we buy the War Chest skins separately?
    We haven't yet announced a specific time frame yet, but when we do our official channels will be updated.