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28 Sep

En Taro Adun

With the new Patch 5.0.12 released today, we've tried to the accomplish the following goals,

  • Make Protoss more stable on a professional level in the early game vs Raven pushes and more able to fight Terran mid-late game armies without solely relying on Disruptors.
  • Increase the variety in the mid game and late game army compositions by reducing the strength of massed Ghosts, Banelings, and Disruptors.
  • Make over specialized units (Cyclones, Mothership, and Infestors) viable throughout more stages of the game.
  • Bring more visual clarity to important units on the minimap, as well as relevant abilities like Widow Mine targeting, and Disruptor's cooldown indicator.
  • Promote more interaction in late game scenarios, by making units such as Tempest, Mothership, and Brood Lord more maneuverable.
-StarCraft II Community Balance Council




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22 Aug



  • Fixed killing enemy Creep Tumors or Stasis Wards resetting the stalemate timer.
  • Fixed an issue with right clicking some destructible rocks and collapsible towers triggering an attack command.
  • Fixed an issue with flying units and Colossus not always revealing what is on very high cliff levels.
  • Fixed an issue with landed Terran buildings knocking back Lurkers and Archons moving close to them.
  • Fixed an issue with some Structures having a kill counter with no means to kill.
  • Reduced the animation speed of Inhibitor and Acceleration Zones to improve readability.
  • Fixed help menu's glossary not listing certain abilities and upgrades.
  • Fixed issues with doodads and neutral structures having a blob shadow on low graphic settings which is hidden behind the model.
  • Fixed an issue with destructible ice having a barely visible selection radius.
  • Fixed an issue with...
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30 Jan


  • Fixed an issue where units following enemy units may only attack them within range 2 (e.g. Adept after Shading) instead of 6.
  • Fixed an issue where Reapers would not deal damage at max range in Bunker.
  • Fixed an issue where Colossus might not deal damage when picked up away from its target.
  • Fixed an issue where Colossus was unable to damage its own units.
  • Fixed an issue where the Lair has sight 11 instead of 12.
  • Fixed an issue where Cyclone Mag-Field Accelerator upgrade increases 20 damage vs armored instead of 10 vs all.
  • Fixed an issue where the Lair has an attack target priority of 12 instead of 11.

23 Jan

En Taro Adun

Patch 5.0.11 has arrived, featuring a wide range of balance, quality of life changes and bug fixes. These changes were curated by our very own StarCraft II community which consisted of pro players, content creators, tournament organizers and modders. We want to thank all of them for all their efforts on this update.
-StarCraft II Team


Worker Units

  • No longer need to wait for full deceleration before beginning to attack.
Developer Comment: Because of workers' slow deceleration as a result of their mining behavior, they felt very unresponsive when ordered to attack nearby units.


Creep Tumor

  • Cooldown increased from 10.71 to 13.57 seconds.
  • Sight range reduced from 11 to 10.
Developer Comment: Clarifies where the vision provided reaches for the Zerg, as the si...
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16 Dec

07 Dec

En Taro Adun
We are excited to push Patch 5.0.11 to PTR which features various amounts of balance, bugfixes, and quality of life improvement done by our community members.


Creep Tumor

  • Cooldown increased from 11 to 13 seconds.
  • Sight range reduced from 11 to 10.

Hatchery, Lair and Hive

  • Creep spread interval decreased from 0.3 to 0.25.
  • Sight range increased from 10,11,12 to 12.


  • Added 0.71 second Cast Finish Time to abduct (can not move or use other abilities during this time).


  • Reduced size by 12.5%.
  • Increase range slop from 1 to 1.4 (range target can move before miss).


  • Muscular Augments move speed bonus increased from 0.79 to 1.05.
  • Damage point reduced from 0.15 to 0.1.

Brood Lord

  • Move speed increased from 1...
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16 Nov

Patch 5.0.10 Hotfix has arrived which contains a number of co-op bugfixes that were gathered by the community.



  • Biomass and Essence drops now properly scale on some non-English locales.
  • Fenix Conclave AI Research animations are now properly displayed on some non-English locales.
  • Graviton Warp Catapult description now states actual 33% attack speed increase for all locales.

General Gameplay

  • Fixed an issue where Gateways could automatically transform into Warpgates after Warpgate Research completion, even if a unit was in production.
  • Units with the "Frenzied" passive no longer get stunned with Stank's Headbutt, Hunterling's Leap Attack and stun abilities from Void Shards and Slivers.


  • Amon
    • Hybrid Dominator Plasma Blast no longer hits targeted units in Nova's Tactical Airlift and in Tychus'...
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20 Jul


  • 2022 IEM Katowice Champion Achievement has been added with a new IEM Champion 2022 Serral Portrait reward, and can be earned by logging in to the game.

  • New 2022 Ladder Season 1 has started with a new 1v1 map pool.
    • 1v1
      • Cosmic Sapphire
      • Data-C
      • Inside and Out
      • Moondance
      • Stargazers
      • Tropical Sacrifice
      • Waterfall

08 Mar

En Taro Adun,
We are releasing a Balance Patch which was put together by our very own SC2 community. Over the past couple months, we have been working with various members of the community and tournament organizers to create a balance update for the game. We would like to recognize and acknowledge the members of the group for the upcoming changes you see below.

Shield Battery

  • Starting Energy reduced from 100 to 50 outside of the next field

Dark Templar

  • Now have a 0.75s attack delay after blink

Void Ray

  • Increased build time from 37 to 43
  • Increased mineral cost from 200 to 250


  • Can no longer transfuse off creep

Widow Mine

  • Reduced the effectiveness of drilling claws from 0.71 seconds to 1.07 seconds


  • Reduced the effectiveness...
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06 Apr


  • New 2021 Ladder Season 2 has started with a new 1v1 map pool.
    • 1v1
      • 2000 Atmosphere LE
      • Blackburn LE
      • Beckett Industries LE
      • Jagannatha LE
      • Lightshade LE
      • Oxide LE
      • Romanticide LE
  • 2021 IEM Katowice Champion Achievement has been added with a new IEM Champion 2021 Reynor Portrait reward.

At only eight years old, Riccardo Romiti pulled a game from a shop shelf, enamored with the portrait of a grizzled space marine emblazoned upon the box. Three years later, he would sign with a professional StarCraft II team and skyrocket to fame in the European StarCraft scene. Now, at only 18, he’s a laureled prodigy and world champion—and only the second ever non-Korean to receive the title.

Catch up with Riccardo “Reynor” Romiti, the 2021 IEM Katowice champion who became a StarCraft II professional at the age of 11, and learn more about his rise to fame, his secret to winning, and what he intends to do now that he’s #1.

Childhood of a Champion

Reynor’s first foray into the Koprulu Sector was over 10 years ago, when he received a copy of StarCraft II at the age of eight. “I purchased the game together with my father,” Reynor recalls. “I remember I had to pick out...

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