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08 Mar

En Taro Adun,
We are releasing a Balance Patch which was put together by our very own SC2 community. Over the past couple months, we have been working with various members of the community and tournament organizers to create a balance update for the game. We would like to recognize and acknowledge the members of the group for the upcoming changes you see below.

Shield Battery

  • Starting Energy reduced from 100 to 50 outside of the next field

Dark Templar

  • Now have a 0.75s attack delay after blink

Void Ray

  • Increased build time from 37 to 43
  • Increased mineral cost from 200 to 250


  • Can no longer transfuse off creep

Widow Mine

  • Reduced the effectiveness of drilling claws from 0.71 seconds to 1.07 seconds


  • Reduced the effectiveness...
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06 Apr


  • New 2021 Ladder Season 2 has started with a new 1v1 map pool.
    • 1v1
      • 2000 Atmosphere LE
      • Blackburn LE
      • Beckett Industries LE
      • Jagannatha LE
      • Lightshade LE
      • Oxide LE
      • Romanticide LE
  • 2021 IEM Katowice Champion Achievement has been added with a new IEM Champion 2021 Reynor Portrait reward.

At only eight years old, Riccardo Romiti pulled a game from a shop shelf, enamored with the portrait of a grizzled space marine emblazoned upon the box. Three years later, he would sign with a professional StarCraft II team and skyrocket to fame in the European StarCraft scene. Now, at only 18, he’s a laureled prodigy and world champion—and only the second ever non-Korean to receive the title.

Catch up with Riccardo “Reynor” Romiti, the 2021 IEM Katowice champion who became a StarCraft II professional at the age of 11, and learn more about his rise to fame, his secret to winning, and what he intends to do now that he’s #1.

Childhood of a Champion

Reynor’s first foray into the Koprulu Sector was over 10 years ago, when he received a copy of StarCraft II at the age of eight. “I purchased the game together with my father,” Reynor recalls. “I remember I had to pick out...

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21 Feb

20 Feb

19 Feb

10 Feb

08 Feb

02 Dec



  • Spray notification text no longer shows a blue placeholder icon.

Co-op Missions

  • Commanders
    • Zagara
      • Fixed an issue where Mastery Points could not properly allocated for power set 2 and 3 after a match.

03 Nov


  • War Chest 6 skin bundles are now available for purchase.
    • Terran Tyrador Structures Bundle
    • Zerg Cerberus Structures Bundle
    • Protoss Ihan-rii Structures Bundle
  • All previous War Chest skin set bundles have been made available for purchase in the Featured section of Collection.
    • Terran Tyrador Units Bundle
    • Zerg Cerberus Units Bundle
    • Protoss Ihan-rii Units Bundle
    • Terran Special Forces Units Bundle
    • Terran Mira’s Marauders Units Bundle
    • Terran Umojan Units Bundle
    • Terran Special Forces Structures Bundle
    • Zerg Leviathan Brood Units Bundle
    • Zerg Primal Units Bundle
    • Zerg Simulant Units Bundle
    • Zerg Simulant Structures Bundle
    • Protoss Forged Units Bundle
    • Protoss Purifier Units Bundle
    • Protoss Golden Age Units Bundle
    • Pro...
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16 Oct

15 Oct

To the StarCraft community,

StarCraft is one of a kind, and we’re committed to making sure that those of you who love this universe like we do have a home here for many years to come. With that in mind, we want to let you know about a development change we’re making for StarCraft II as we continue supporting it for the long-term.

As many of you know, Blizzard continues updating its games long after the initial release—some of you will remember that we were actively patching the original StarCraft more than 10 years after it first hit store shelves. This year we celebrated 10 years of StarCraft II with one of our largest-ever patches, with massive updates to the editor, Prestige Talents for Co-op Commanders, and gameplay improvements delivered to players worldwide.

We’re going to continue supporting StarCraft II in the same manner as we have with our previous longstanding games, such as Brood War, focusing primarily on what our core and competitive communiti...

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30 Sep

Update on September 30, PDT: 2020 Ladder Season 3 is now live, and some map bugs have been fixed below.


  • Lightshade LE
    • Fixed an issue where the Reaper would not path properly at times near the Reaper ramps.
    • Fixed an issue where the lobby screenshots rotated incorrectly.
  • Jagannatha LE
    • Fixed an issue where air and ground units could clip into various doodads.
    • Fixed an issue where units could be partially hidden inside the ground foliage.
    • Fixed an issue where certain doodads didn’t display occlusion lines.
    • Added decals near the Reaper cliffs to help highlight them.
    • Fixed an issue where units could clip into certain doodads near ramps.
  • Oxide LE
    • Moved the position of the rocks near the third base to make it a bit more challenging for enemy Siege Tanks to reach and attack the base.
    • Fixed a...
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24 Aug


  • New observer interface added, “Pro 2020”.
    • Supports 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 games at 16x9.
    • Previously seen earlier this year at IEM Katowice and War Chest Team League.
    • Features larger numbers and icons for improved mobile and couch viewing.
    • Reduced text for multi-region broadcasts.


  • Maps
    • Part and Parcel
      • The mission timer now starts with 90 additional seconds.
    • Scythe of Amon
      • The Warp Prism for the bonus objective will now announce its planned path 20 seconds before moving.
  • Alarak
    • Shadow of Death Prestige
      • This Prestige has been reworked.
      • The Mothership and its Destroyers no longer receive reduced stats fro...
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