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Since yesterday I noticed a lot of streamers talked about Stormgate and how they were Hyped... I remember that last year Frost Giant studios met them to show a small preview of the pcgamers and summer games fest presentation and they talked about how hyped they were. Here is what I've been able to find:


https://twitter.com/KokaStarcraft/status/1661276829565476865 Translation: Some crazy things are coming for stormgate! And someone replayed :"You enjoyed the presentation?! It's promising!"

https://twitter.com/zukaInGame/status/1661276092718813184 Translation: "I'm telling you: Stormgate and FrostGiant are preparing something crazy! If you like RTS, make sure to wishlist on steam!






@Takesen also posted something about how FrostGiantStudios knows how to hype but he deleted his post.

This is all I've been able to find... I think we will hear about Frost Giant and Stormgate soon!

Edit: some more

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And it's not just about biases. One of the things that went wrong with Artifact's beta test is that testers were too focused on their careers and having good relationship with Valve instead of giving critical feedback. There were a lot of yes-men who only cared about their own profit. It's not purely testers' fault though. It's important how a company communicates and handles feedback too.

We want (constructive) negative feedback for sure—we’re depending on our playtesters to let us know if anything doesn’t feel good during closed testing so that we can make changes for the better.