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24 May


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Thank you so much for the early and generous response! I know it's extremely hard to answer "future" questions, so truly appreciate being so open.

Looking forward to EA, this game is great.

You’re welcome! I’m really glad to hear you’ve been enjoying the game. The team is working very hard to get the game ready for Early Access—fun times ahead!

23 May


We aspire to support offline play for solo campaign at some point, but the team is currently focused on getting our Early Access release into players' hands. Campaign progression and save states depend on our server technologies at this time, but offline campaign support is definitely one of our future goals.


Passion for RTS and love for the genre never went away--other genres simply sprung into existence (including MOBA, which was made using RTS editors) and exploded in popularity as a result of being free-to-play and committing to frequent updates with strong social gaming features. RTS only appeared to have shrunk by comparison to these major releases.

When members of our team were working on StarCraft II, the player base was remarkably stable--in fact, it doubled in size when our team members led the transition to make it free to play. We know that RTS players are out there, they've just been underserved as big publishers have not been as committed to RTS in recent years as they may have been in the past.

Knowing that RTS fans are still out there, and because we personally love this kind of game, many of us quit our jobs to found Frost Giant Studios and make Stormgate, a spiritual successor to the Blizzard RTS games many of our team members worked on. Our Early Acces...

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Hey folks, quick update here: I refunded the OP’s pledge and notified him of it a couple days ago. We tried troubleshooting with him and were unsuccessful (this was a weird edge case as most backers were able to get into the game). We can’t say definitively whether it was an issue on Steam’s end, with his hardware config, or something on our side—I chalk it up to bad luck.

It sucks that we couldn’t get this sorted before the end of closed beta and we’re working on our processes so that we can be more responsive when users have technical issues that require more extensive investigation and troubleshooting.

22 May

The PC Gaming Show is returning on June 9 with over 70 games, promising a mix of world premieres, new content for some of your favourite games, and exclusive looks at some of the most exciting titles coming to PC, including the long-awaited public reveal of Stormgate's third faction!

In addition, you'll be treated to behind-the-scenes insight from the Frost Giant Studios team and gameplay footage featuring the all-new faction one playtester referred to as "... Read more

21 May


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yeah yeah but for how long?!

if they know when they will anounce can they just tell when they will anounce!!! need to know how long to wait!!!!!!!!

07 May

06 May


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Awesome!! I got my key and I'm in-game. How would access Turf War? I need an ID for it correct?

You can create a Turf War lobby in custom games. Please note that Frigate is confidential, so no discussing outside of the private playtest channels.

03 May


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Thank you guys for keeping competitive RTS alive! I'm a Moba player who used to play SC2 and am excited to get back into the genre.

Love to see it! We’re testing out a MOBA-inspired custom game in this playtest, Turf War—you should check it out!


Thanks for supporting Stormgate and our studio!

02 May


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In the same boat as you OP! My dumbass sat on the fence for too long, I had plenty of time to be prepared but I just purchased access today.

Thanks for supporting our game and our studio!


The real 3D faction was the friends we made along the way.

01 May


We’re testing 2v2 in Frigate. We’ll be looking at player feedback, but it’s definitely one of our most-requested modes.

30 Apr


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It's ok, I like this game and want to support the team, but i waited for the 3rd race

We appreciate your support! <3


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So people can not stream thd next beta phase?

Nope--no streaming or screenshots or even discussion. It's confidential. (The exception is that if you're a playtester, you can stream, screenshot, and discuss in the appropriate playtester Discord channels.)


Yes, you can access the beta through May 21.