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23 Sep


Originally posted by LiveBreatheOwn

I took a tour of Frost Giant HQ recently. They are absolutely doing stuff. And it's great

It was a fun visit! Looking forward to doing it again.


Originally posted by Wraithost

Cara is great, warm person.

So main news are that Stormgate before full release will be in Early Access, FG will try to find more investors, and they spend every $ on game, not on marketing.

Just like I expected - 34,7 millions is not a big money if you need build patchfinding and netcode from zero and you want all that game modes. Stormgate will need $support$ from players, my wallet is ready for Early Access.

We're grateful for your support!

21 Sep


We hope you check out Stormgate!

20 Sep

Hello, Stormgamers,

What does it mean to be the first truly social RTS?

For us, that means bringing players together in ways that are more fun than ever before. We love cooperative play, so we’re building cooperative modes like three-player co-op vs. AI and co-op campaign. We also aim to create an ecosystem where players around the world can test their skills against one another on the ladder.

We’d like to focus our latest discussion on how we plan to bring players together for competition.

Let's talk matchmaking!

As we embark on the process of designing Stormgate's ladder system, we're faced with a fundamental question: should our matchmaking be regional or global?

Easy question? Or impossible?

First, some key points and initial thoughts. Global matchmaking has some benefits:

  • it reduces the time to get matches against players of your skill le...
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13 Sep


Originally posted by BrandoNelly

Just looked up StormGate. Oh my god. Adding that to my wishlist for sure

Thanks for your support! Look forward to seeing you in-game!

12 Sep

09 Sep


Originally posted by karlosculo

is there going to be blood in the game?


08 Sep


Originally posted by DrTh0ll

I like everything but why does the tarmac beneath it look human created?

That “ground splat” texture is from a Vanguard building—this was a sneak peek at in-development structure. The final version will be more Infernal-y!


I would agree—SC2 is the GOAT, at least by current standards. Our team will forever be proud of the work we did on SC2. That said, we’re not done making RTS games yet. We have a vision for the future of this style of game and we hope players enjoy the hell out of Stormgate.

07 Sep


Originally posted by FGS_Ray

I have not, but now that you mention it I think I might have to. I think I'm going to steal my lead's dog.


Originally posted by FGS_Ray

I'm studying at UC Santa Barbara. The interview process wasn't too bad, pretty standard stuff. My current lead did call me ugly in the interview though .No hard feelings, just leaving 0 context for this to make him look bad.


Originally posted by DrumPierre


You should get me hired as Chief Happiness Office Manager...

I'd change it to Chief Happiness & Unity Manager so that you can be our official CHUM.


Originally posted by Unlikely-Smile2449

Did you steal anything from the office on your last day for a keepsake? Like maybe Tim Morten’s favorite pen? With his teeth marks in it?

This is super creepy!


Originally posted by DrumPierre

No I did mean the Internals.


I loled


Originally posted by rewazzu

Hey, I recommend you delete this post unless you got explicit permission from Frost Giant for this post.

He's doing this with our blessing. Should be fun!

30 Aug


Originally posted by teachca

models for RTS Games are meant to look good in top-down isometric view first and foremost

Definitely and I like the way it’s progressing.

But they also need to sell skins and I wonder if the presentation of the skins in the shop will be more like what we saw in the gamescom trailer: close up and face-to-face with a brief animation.

If we are constantly seeing units close up in promos for new skins and in the shop, then how they look close up will affect the way we feel about the art style of the game, even if that’s not how it looks when actually playing the game.

They’re also in a tough spot promoting the game because showing a new unit from the top down view isn’t as visually impactful as seeing it up close, but how it looks from the top is the ultimate priority, so a lot is being asked from the art right now.

I’d prefer they showed concept art and in-game footage only. But it’s their decision to show in-game mod...

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We've gotten this feedback a lot and will likely dial back on our use of close-up camera shots for models that were meant to be seen from RTS camera perspective.

26 Aug

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