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Me while playing in Club 2: ┏(--)┓┏(--)┛┗(-- )┓┗(--)┛┏(--) ┏(--)┓┏(--)┛┗(-- )┓┗(--)┛┏(--)┓┏(--)┛┗(-- )┓┗(--)┛┏(--) ┏(--)┓┏(--)┛┏(--)┓┏(--)┛┗(-- )┓┗(--)┛┏(--) ┏(--)┓┏(--)┛┗(-- )┓┗(--)┛┏(--)┓┏(--)┛┗(-- )┓┗(--)┛┏(--) ┏(--)┓┏(--)┛

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Quick thing I'd like to be done about the pass - this regards the progress.

It REALLY sucks that progress for a pass you've purchased is gated behind timed missions. This sucks, and if you miss that like weekend of grinding to complete those missions, you're super behind on your pass. Again, a pass you've purchased.

Secondly, this ties into the first, it's rough to make zero progress whatsoever without either doing the timed missions or hitting top 4. I'm playing these games, again with a pass I've purchased, so I should at least get some progress on the pass even if I'm not winning the matches.

Just some QOL requests to smooth out progression on a product we are purchasing. Other games with passes like this give you progress for just playing the game, and even with the main parent game of League, event passes give you progress/currency for not winning.

Great feedback! As we improve the pass, Ill chat with the team to explore if there is a need to reduce the amount of EXP given in Missions vs passive exp.

One thing to note is we do give a flat amount of EXP for just playing one game! In fact, you can complete the pass in one week (I've done it D:) Of course, I would never recommend playing as much TFT as I did for set 4 release xD

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lol happy tuesday again, teej!

Happy Tuesday :D!

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I remember your tweets on release week! You and I were abusing Spirit Sharps before Ahri became flavor of the month! LOL

We trend setters!