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Because Tahm takes reduced damage


@#$% that clocking old man

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Hi friends! TFT Dev here.

We've taken a look at the issue and it should be resolved now. Let me know if you still see more issues. Thank you for being patient!


Originally posted by CrescentAce

Hey! Thanks for the reply, I was wondering if pass holders get bonus quests?

No bonus quests for pass holders, no


This is intended!

All the purple icon ones are around specific traits and Set 4 in particular and there's a loooot of them. We thought it'd be nice to reward ya'll for testing out new things in the set :) We'll still have 3 missions per week coming in hot though!


With the direct purchase model, it's unlikely we'll continue doing Icons for these. Sorry :/



This should've worked for the mission. There's a chance that our mission service is being quite slow given how many people we have playing TFT and how many missions we had upfront this time around.

Please let me know if this still hasn't worked at this point!

When do they post?

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