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08 Feb


Reforger is a bonus with a gold value of 0....

07 Feb

06 Feb


The core item system needs to be less "specific counter" and more generic items, so that when you are given items out of your control, you have optionality. DClaw in particular was notorious for being useless early game as MR is usually only good late game.

I do agree DClaw not being #1 on the MR stats block is weird, I can try to fix that. But no plans to change it to be as sharp as it used to be.

02 Feb


8-1 is Sudden Death.

29 Jan


Pro-tip: Stop going to the internet to validate how you feel.

If you like something, enjoy it! If you don't, find something else to enjoy. That's it. You'll be happier, I promise :)

28 Jan


Originally posted by asher3

Just wanted to clarify that set 4 is where the headliner mechanic originated from and it was called chosen. It wasn't added to this set for the revival event.

Mostly true, though this version is using the headliner rules.

26 Jan


Just so it's 100% clear, I had close to nothing to do with this. The team worked hard to put it together and get everything ready in time and make all the adjustments necessary. They deserve 100% of the credit.

But we're glad you're having fun!

20 Jan


We're almost exactly halfway through the current set and sets now last for four months. Next set will be mid to late March as a result

17 Jan


FWIW, generally Prismatics should be about on par with a 3 star 4 cost, So the fact this is close is acceptable.

16 Jan


Originally posted by FlatCommunity8387

That’s the current pbe change


14 Jan

13 Jan


So...I know I'm treading into dangerous waters here, but I'm a bit looney...

This pass for 10 dollars (1295 RP) (excluding the free stuff) is:

  • 600 Treasure Tokens (2340 RP value)
  • 2 Maps (Lets just say 500 RP value, might be higher?)
  • 2 Booms (Never charged for a boom, so hard to give a value)
  • Mixmaster Umbra (Base LL are 750-925 RP, or just 390 randomly)
  • Sugarcone Poro (Poros were 2500 RP)
  • 250 star shards (1350 RP, but like...)
  • Legendary Egg (~1000 RP)

So for 1295 RP you get like 6000-10000 RP of value depending on how much you value certain parts. Now, I'm not even defending this, just laying it out so I can ask the question. What EXACTLY do you want to see changed or different about the pass to make it more valuable to you?

11 Jan


Originally posted by NigelMcExplosion

I am pretty sure, that Mortdog has already confirmed, that the next set will not have this mechanic

Can confirm.


Bro you don’t gotta expose yourself like this.

03 Jan


Originally posted by Palidin034

It’s buffed. They buffed heartsteel

Edit: apparently I’m spreading misinformation, my bad everyone. It’s been nerfed

This is false. Its nerfed

29 Dec


Originally posted by caex

Wrong. They are free

Confirming that they are still, and have been for YEARS, free. This person is correct.

12 Dec


Great Post!

FWIW, my wife doesn't watch much TFT or play at all...but she did watch the finals. When she got home she was referencing what happened by the little legend choices. "I was rooting for the Poro player and when he won game 4 that was so hype!" "That 1 HP Devil Teemo is OP, you need to nerf it. He almost won game 6!"

07 Dec


Originally posted by LordLonghaft

Things go up because people still pay for them. McDonald's is 16 bucks now because the drive through lines are still out into the street.

Dude....a Five Guys burger...JUST THE BURGER...passed $12 here >_<

29 Nov


This is great lol

(next patch we're making it easier)

28 Nov