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Anybody else having issues of the mobile Tft game freezing then crashing after about 2 minutes of playing? This keeps happening after i updated on both my iPad and my phone.

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Hey all, we are aware and actively working on a fix. This seems to be caused by purchasing a unit with the dragon trait. Please avoid ranked queue.

Edit: Still being worked on. We may have found the fix, but it'll take a while to deploy to Mobile. Estimated tomorrow-ish!

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Originally posted by KidsChoiceAwards

It is more that just that I was crashing on like round 2-1. And I only had Leona Yone Braum and Twitch. It seemed to be crashing at the transition between rounds.

No other person had Dragon trait in the game? Happen to have a video so I can take a look?

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Originally posted by Silentms07

i want to also add that the bruiser emblem, made my bruiser count from 3/4 should be 4/4 to 1/4 hp still applied but i am not sure how it interacts with augments and if you hover it only shows the unit holding the emblem as the bruiser.

It should be visual only - We're aware of that issue but are focusing on this one first.