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I backed the kickstarter and was wondering when we're getting the map and the statue. I haven't seen anything about either of them and I'm getting a little concerned at this point

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Hi! We changed manufacturer for the statue, so it's still undergoing manufacturing. As for the map, we've made changes to the map in-game and we've gotta refresh the art for it, so those have not started production yet. Due to Covid and restrictions in Spain, we won't start shipping until we know it's safe for everyone involved, but rest assured that your rewards are not going anywhere and will be sent when they're done :)

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Originally posted by LadyShanna92

Thanks. It's just a bit frustrating thats there has been little to no communication on this

Mostly because there have been no updates to it since the last time it was spoken about haha As soon as we make progress, we’ll share! Thanks for your patience ♥️