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Hey Tamers!

You might have already heard, but we have very exciting news to share, because we’re dipping our feet into consoles a bit sooner than expected!
Temtem will be coming to PS5 in Early Access, as early as December 8! Preorders are now open, so go grab your copy and start experiencing Temtem on console this very year.

First of all: the trailer!

Pre-ordering Temtem now will grant you an exclusive in-game title, cool PSN avatars, and, of course, a ticket to the Early Access. Plus, it’s cheaper! Check out this handy chart for all the d...

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A bug on the radar was causing players to be wrongfully banned. We’ve fixed it in this patch, and have unbanned those affected by it. We apologize for the inconveniences caused. We’ll continue reviewing and monitoring all the new situations caused by the addition of novel features.

  • Fixed Earth Koish not having Earth Stream in their learnset.
  • Fixed Water Koish not being able to learn Water Stream and Cold Geyser.
  • Fixed Trait Hacks...
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We're on it! We'll launch a patch today to fix it, and we're already unbanning those affected by it.


for some reason this appeals to my sense of humor

27 Oct

    YaW on Steam - Thread - Direct
Hello, tamers!

Today we’re releasing a new patch, and a very special one it is! Most of the features included in this patch are either suggested directly by you, the community, or generated based on current problems/feedback the community has. This patch was not originally planned on our roadmap and while working on this patch right now has an impact on our planning and the rest of the planned patches, we believe it’s important to improve the quality of the current version of the game without having to wait for the game to be fully finished.

The big focus of this patch is the economy. Up until now tamers only had two options if they wanted to generate pansuns: releasing Tems and getting a reward from the FreeTem! organization or winning ranked competitive matches. With this patch, we’re introducing two new weekly activities and a daily one, all of which are a source for pansuns and several new items that are debuting in this patch too.

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