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17 Sep


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I've seen this comment from you twice now, and I have no idea what you're referring to because I know for a fact mods never ban for breaking "any little rule". In any case, if you ever want to be constructive about it, here's the appeal form to get unbanned from the Discord server: Discord appeal

10 Sep


Here's the clip, but you'd better wear your reading glasses...

Our Discord server now has a specific thread to lose our minds over Arbury for theory-crafting, and it's only gonna get better from here on out. Come joinnnnnnnn!

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09 Sep

06 Sep


omg CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30 Aug

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12 Aug

    /u/xYaW on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Fully alive.

Don't think about them as machines, more like cyborgs.

03 Aug

    /u/xYaW on Reddit - Thread - Direct

1/5 again :(

02 Aug

29 Jul


  • We’ve added 6 new technique animations ✨

  • 👥Notes #5 and #6 are now more distinguishable between the Blue and Orange octaves in the Toy Piano. Damián really is fine-tuning this.


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For the sake of organization, please use the provided forum link to add your experience with this issue, if you've experienced it. It's more effective if we can easily track your answers :) Thank you!

28 Jul


Originally posted by KeenHyd

Props to them for that, indeed.

But I would like to add that I have heard many people complaining about lack of support for:

  • Colorblind people;

  • People who have issues with flashing lights.

These issues have been tackled in a way. The pity Koish is a colorblind-proof way of getting your weekly fishing reward as you can just count how many Koish you encounter (unless I am mistaking how it works) - while a step in the right direction, I wish there should be some clear indication on the screen that tells you "hey, this Koish is the one you're looking for!". It doesn't sound right that someone should go for the extra effort of counting their encounters (since the game does count but doesn't show the count to the player) just to get their fishing done. (incorrect, see VeriferVenti's comment)

For flashing lights, they added the option to reduce the flashes whenever you start a battle (settings -> game -> show f...

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hi! We came across this message and have created a forum thread for everyone to drop in which technique animations or VFX are giving them headaches or have lights that flash too hard: https://www.playtemtem.com/forums/threads/visual-effects-in-battle-that-can-cause-dizziness-or-headaches-tell-us.14866/
This way we can take another look at said VFX and see how we can retouch them to avoid said issues from happening :) Please forward it to the people you've heard such complaints from!

    Tsukki on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Hi! Our tech team would probably be able to help you better on our forums.
There's a lot of technicalities behind this one, but the long story short is that some internet service providers don't have the right configuration for our server. Try changing the VPN to a different part of the world or for a different ISP, and try connecting through cable instead of wireless. A connection too slow might time out server connections. Make sure you're also playing the latest version of the game!
These are our forums: https://www.playtemtem.com/forums/forums/bug-reports.11/

22 Jul


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Good community manager

:_) <3


Good bot


  • We’ve changed the minimum number of players for a Tournament to 21.
  • We’ve also made some improvements to the way Tournaments are created, to ensure the highest possible number of tournaments.
    • Before, the system would try to pack as many players as possible in a tournament until it was filled entirely, even if it meant that 10 other players would not get a tournament at all. Now, it will take into account the number of participants and split them so it can create as many tournaments per league as possible.
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17 Jul