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Latest Patch Notes0.2.7 (24 days ago)

06 Aug

02 Aug

30 Jul


24 days ago - YaW on Forums - Thread - Direct
  • Added all single DNA Strands to the Breeding Center shop.
  • Benefactor now displays properly the HP restored.
  • Tateru
    • Base ATK increased from 55 to 60.
    • Base DEF increased from 60 to 66.
    • Base SPATK increased from 50 to 54.
    • Base SPDEF increased from 50 to 54.
  • Fixed average SV value from parents in the breeding not ceiling correctly. (...
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26 Jul


28 days ago - YaW on Forums - Thread - Direct
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Whenever we're developing a new Alpha version, there's always some stuff that needs to be cut from the final build because we don't have enough time to implement it properly. It happened back with Alpha 0.1 (which was missing the Aguamarina Caves and the houses interiors) and it has happened too with Alpha 0.2 which we released a few weeks ago. 

Instead of leaving that content to the next Alpha version, we usually like to release a big update in between bigger releases so players don't have to wait for that much for those features.

So, today, we're bringing you this update for the Alpha 0.2, including a bunch of new features and improvements!

The first new feature and the most important one: Breeding!

We're not going to talk much about it this time, because we already dedicated a Kickstarter update to it. If you haven't read it yet, make sure to ... Read more

25 Jul


29 days ago - TMTrainer on Forums - Thread - Direct
hey this is some pretty neat content
ty cream  


29 days ago - kikillo on Forums - Thread - Direct
Taullaris said: Well I guess I get to spend my weekend trying out breeding! is this patch live now?
It's live ;)  


29 days ago - YaW on Forums - Thread - Direct
  • Breeding
    • Breeding will allow players to create new Temtem. You can read all about it here.
    • Each Temtem now displays its fertility in its details. All current Temtem have been updated to have their appropriate fertility.
    • Breeding has changed a bit since the Kickstarter update:
      • Maximum fertility is now 8.
      • Fertility for untamed Temtem is calculated using the number of "good stats" the Temtem has. Each SV over 45 will count as a "good stat".
      • Having one or two good stats will produce fertility of 7. Having three or four a fertility of 6. Having five or six a fertility of 5 and last, having seven will produce fertility of 4.
      • The time to create a new egg when both parents are deposited is 25 real-time minutes. This time will be reduced to 15 real-time minutes if both parents share the same evolutionary line.
      • The time to...
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23 Jul

21 Jul

We’re partnering with Humble 🤝

about 1 month ago - YaW on Steam - Thread - Direct
Making a game is an incredibly hard and huge task. There are so many things involved in the process and a team our size can hardly manage to achieve every single of them correctly.

We love developing games, we love to think about and implement new mechanics, we love listening to the community and shaping the game how you want. But there’s so much more involved in the process that is not really developing the game: marketing, contacting distributors, merchandising, reaching out to streamers and sites, talking to platform holders…

That’s why we’ve decided to partner with Humble to publish Temtem.

Partnering with Humble allows us to focus on Temtem’s development while they handle all the other task in which they excel: bring the game to even more platforms, secure more merchandising opportunities or even get physical editions of the game, while also reaching a bigger audience which will benefit the gam... Read more

19 Jul

Temtem will be published by Humble

about 1 month ago - /u/xYaW on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Dasnap

Does this affect my future Steam key in any way?


15 Jul

Everything you need to know about breeding 🥚

about 1 month ago - YaW on Steam - Thread - Direct
Back on our campaign, we talked a bit about Temtem breeding. Since then, there's been a lot of doubts around this topic (especially with the genetic degradation we talked about) so we want to talk in-depth about it in this update.

Have in mind that everything specified here can be changed at any time. As with every feature, we introduce we'll be looking at player feedback to improve it.

Our main goal with Breeding in Temtem is to make the process more streamlined and more obvious for the players giving you the full information about what's going to happen and what are the possibilities. Also, we're trying to keep it challenging enough to avoid getting the market filled with infinite perfectly breed Temtem.

What is breeding
Breeding is the process used to create new Temtem from Eggs.

If two Temtem are compatible, putting them together in the Breeding Center will create a new Egg. Eggs will eventually hatch into... Read more

11 Jul

Bad lag

about 1 month ago - /u/xYaW on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by munchman55

I used to have a 550 ti and a Pentium processor I now use integrated graphics with an i3 9th gen

Well, that's the problem. You're going to need a dedicated GPU to run it properly (specially in Ultra). Try lowering your settings to low or changing your resolution / frame rate.

Bad lag

about 1 month ago - /u/xYaW on Reddit - Thread - Direct

What are your specs?

09 Jul

08 Jul

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