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Originally posted by lnkofDeath

Cross Platform, Cross Play, but nothing has been said about Cross Progression or a universal Crema account on all platforms.

We cannot share anything on this yet, but we'll keep everyone informed as soon as we can.

06 Aug

You heard that right, tamers!
Temtem 1.0 is coming to PlayStation 5 in 2021.

Read the devs PlayStation Blog to learn more about the upcoming adventure:


And of course, watch the launch trailer! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mN_I5b8MwKw

All footage captured on PS5.

External link →

Wow, great job

05 Aug

I'ts been fixed, but it'll live in my heart forever

I'm midly concerned by how well X's body fits into Hela's body

04 Aug

  • Fixed a black screen issue when trying to reconnect during server maintenance.
  • Fixed characters having their hair stretched in the overworld and in combat.
  • 👥 Fixed Willpower Drain does not visually reflect stamina changes for the receiving player.
  • 👥 Fixed a soft lock when Wilpump dies due to Mirroring trait when using Tsunami.
  • Fixed an SFX bug caused by holding right-click over some UI buttons.
  • Fixed near player’s portraits not being rendered in the interact screen.
  • Fixed a bench in Turquesa where if you sit down you won’t be able to get up again...
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03 Aug

  • Breaking a co-op party will no longer automatically close the whisper opened with the co-op partner.
  • Kauren and Mouflank’s 3D models have been retweaked and improved.

  • Tental’s traits have been swapped in order. Their first trait is now Avenger and Water Affinity is the second one.
  • Nagaise’s traits have been swapped in order. Their first trait is now Deceit Aura and Water Custodian is the second one.
    • Deceit Aura was...
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