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Luma hunting causes burnout and you know it.

about 6 hours ago - /u/xYaW on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Lumas are an optional activity. If you don't enjoy hunting them that's totally OK, you don't need to do it. I agree it's a boring activity and that's why I (as a player) don't do it (or didn't do it ever on any Pokémon game).

However, if you have a suggestion to make it a more interesting activity while keeping the current rarity of them, I'm all ears!

29 Mar

Huge FPS Drops

1 day ago - YaW on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Try changing the settings for Video / Target Frame Rate to other values different than automatic.

28 Mar


  1. You cheated in the game.
  2. We banned you.
  3. You put a negative review because you were angry.
  4. We updated the ban system including GameBan on Steam.
  5. Your previous ban was updated to this new system.
  6. You came here spreading lies because you are now angrier.

27 Mar

26 Mar

User ID

5 days ago - YaW on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
The support should be able to help you with that. They can also look you up with your username.


5 days ago - /u/xYaW on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Yes. It will be back up soon.

We usually always hand the notice in our Discord server if the maintenance is quick like this one.

25 Mar

Spring update

6 days ago - /u/xYaW on Reddit - Thread - Direct

We're working on it!

Moving the whole team to work from home has impacted a bit our development times but we're still planning to release this patch during spring.

24 Mar

23 Mar

20 Mar

19 Mar

18 Mar

17 Mar

I got you out.

Difficulty curve?

14 days ago - /u/xYaW on Reddit - Thread - Direct

You shouldn't be using only two Tems. The game is balanced around having a full party (with similar levels) and playing a good strategy. You can't just overcome the difficulty with more levels, you need to think about your strategy before every important battle.

Also, being overleveled makes you obtain far fewer experience points so, again, don't use just two Temtem.

16 Mar

14 Mar


It's pretty rough here in Madrid right now so we're all working from home until further notice.

13 Mar

When do they post? (GMT +0)
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