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Hi you! We've just launched patch 0.8.3, which mostly consists in bug-fixes and balance changes. This one is fairly cool because we discussed some of these changes beforehand, and we're including insight into some of the most intense changes.
Read it all here: https://crema.gg/temtem/patch-0-8-3/

Let us know if you liked them!

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These patch notes contain references to quests and events that take place during the last part of the main story quest. Some might be spoilers if you haven’t completed it yet. We recommend finishing the MSQ before reading patch notes!


  • Dojo Rematches have been revisited, tweaked and re-adjusted to include the new changes described below. We’ve also fixed some bugs in the rematches.
  • The final battle of the Main Story quest has been tweaked to be a tad more difficult. While we want it to be achievable, of course, we also don’t want it to feel too easy.
  • We’ve added some explanation and insight into some of the most requested/awaited/delicate balance changes made in this patch. They are in cursive following the change, hope you find them interesting and they add clar...
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Hi! If you're playing on Steam could it be that you've overwritten cloud files? Did you maybe reset your character at some point and forgot you did?
If none of these apply I'd really recommend making a post about this in the forums https://www.playtemtem.com/forums/forums/bug-reports.11/

10 Jan

    /u/xYaW on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Do you know if any other game supports controlling the controller volume? Even if we want to add this option, sometimes it is not available via the SDK or Sony just restricts it.

03 Jan

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Originally posted by MovieTrialers

Enjoy a well-earned break! Love the game ❤

thank you so muuuuch!


Originally posted by roff13

Happy Hollidays!! Hope you guys have a wonderful break <3

you too! <3


Originally posted by You-JustLostTheGame

So... How is it pronounced? (Redd-it-tamers) or (Reddi-tamers), I'm dying to know.

I hope you all enjoy a well deserved break, stay safe and Happy Holidays!

it's reddi-tamers in my head, but it's also a completely made up term so you can say it any way you wanna (if you wanna :> ). Happy Holidayssssssss <3


as a past CEO, he's nervous the enemies it made will come back to get it


Originally posted by esran7

Same to you guys. Happy Holidays! ☃️🎄🎁 :kinuLove:



Hey Redditamers (will I ever get that to stick? We shall never know.) 'tis the season! As this unique and intense year comes to an end, we wanted to thank you for being a part of our lives and our game. Thank you for your support, love and understanding throughout this year, we're grateful to and for you!
We'll be taking a smol holiday break to rest a bit and spend time with our loved ones, so things might be slow around here! Please try not to break the game too much until we return on January 3rd, okay? We entrust Arbury to you.

Have a wonderful holidays, whichever way you decide to spend them!

Stay safe and have a great time, alright? Much love from your friends at Crema 💕

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Originally posted by Karnikula_Gaming

I do not mean to imply such a thing.

I am sorry to have stressed you out over this if such.

Funnily, I just got to the part where the in game reveal happened.

I don't think it is fruitful to continue trying to communicate on this matter. Thank you for your patience and openness.

hey, don't worry haha it probably hasn't been the best interaction we've had this week, both of us, but I'm not stressed over it and I'm sorry if I caused you some stress. You have a right to defend your opinion as much as I do, so no hard feelings. I hope you enjoyed the battle, and have a good holidays! :)

23 Dec


Originally posted by Karnikula_Gaming

so "there was a spoiler tag" is a sad and lame excuse.

Spoiler tag or not, absolutely no reason to drop that ball like that.

And if you think you have to write it out, the spoiler tag could read: "Careful, the identity of clan belsotos leader is revealed in these patch notes."

Like I don't even understand how the reply to my feedback wasn't immediately "oh sorry we really should have done that differently, I'll go edit the line right now so it doesn't contain this incredibly unnecessary spoiler"

That's all I expect from a player focused company's community manager to say and do. At least "I'll pass it along" or "I'll check with the related people."

By just saying the name we didn't spoiler anything. We would've spoiled much more by saying what you suggest, and then the name, which is necessary for accuracy on patch notes.

What you imply is that every piece of feedback is automatically right, and I should immediately cater to it, and in this particular occasion, as player focused as I am, I don't think it was a "wtf Crema" moment. There was no spoiler inherently in the name, and I stand by how clearly pointed out it was. I am the related people, I write these, I don't need to pass it along.


Originally posted by Karnikula_Gaming

Look. You wrote "spoiler alert". Fine everyone is warned - these notes discuss stuff that people could consider spoilers.

Well duh it's patch notes. (edit: a space)

Every new temtem, technique, location etc. could be considered a spoiler - it's a fair warning, if you go further don't complain when we mention something you wanted to discover on your own.


Why did you write out the character name ?

Why didn't you keep spoiling to a minimum ? Do you want people to read patch notes? Do you want people to enjoy exploring the story in your game ? Why can't we have both ? Shouldn't we always strive for both ?


At least, that's what it feels like.

I'm not here to troll, I'm giving genuine feedback, that I was surprised and that my enjoyment of the game has been lessened. Because *...

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No no, first of all we wrote STORY CAMPAIGN SPOILERS, and specifically told people not to read them if they hadn't finished the main story line. And second, why did we write it how? It's literally only "after a battle with -", which could literally be just any battle with cinematics during the Arbury story, and would not cause any reaction in an unknowing player. You're seeing this from the pov of someone who already knows what happens, either because you had heard prior or because you looked it up after, but none of those had anything to do with the spoiler-tagged patch notes and could've easily been prevented.

We do keep spoiling to a minimum, but we still need to write patch notes accurately (and we only used the character's name anyways!) Both are usually compatible, and when it's not we make sure that everyone is aware (like this time). The idea that we did it only as a "getcha" is super ugly and couldn't be any further from the truth....

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