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Hi new player here. Enjoying the game quite a bit but I can’t help but feel the nova prices are a little predatory. For instance, one of the cosmetics you can buy costs 1200 nova, but the closest tier ($10 usd) gets you 1100, meaning you either need to pay up for the 3k nova, or do yet another micro transaction for the extra. I get that it’s meant to be a “premium” currency and I’m not against the devs making money, and while the stuff you buy with nova are purely cosmetic, it still kind of sucks to the consumer lol. Just venting over being nickeled and dimed by yet another mmo I guess

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You can get three 100-packs of Novas in the free tier of the battle pass, so you can use those to "complete" the packs you can purchase. There is a lot of variation on cosmetic prices and we can't simply add infinite nova packs to purchase.

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Originally posted by ShoutaDE

sorry... but as much as i like your game, that answer is just "buy more, wheres the problem?"

I think you need to read it again, I haven't said anything about purchasing anything. You can get novas for FREE in the battle pass (without purchasing it).

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Yeah but you could very easily just match the prices of cosmetics to the same amount that the nova packs give you

That would leave us with only four different cosmetic prices which is not enough to define the whole variety the game has.