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In response to the people angry about the recent free tem nerfs. The devs said they never intended for players to regularly. In the words of YaW "freetem being the main activity to make money is what we should look, not preparing a strat numb boring enough so you can do freetem every week without any effor ". And from how they are talking about it. We are likely to get no buffs, maybe more nerfs, and no replacement for it. And the nerf was not even on propose, it seems they just don't consider it when balancing the game.

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3 months ago - /u/ItsTsukki - Direct link

Hello! Before this gets more traction: YaW also said that if FreeTem was being considered the main source of avenue that that was the problem and something to look into, as that was not our intention. As in, provide better methods. However, since we know changes like that will likely take time, we’re reviewing the freeze changes to make them less impactful on PvE, and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s articulate and more or less delimited.

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We are likely to get no buffs, maybe more nerfs, and no replacement for it.

You literally copy pasted a message where I say we need to look for activities other than FreeTem to obtain money.

As usual with this kind of post you are taking phrases out of context. As I clarified in that conversation FreeTem is designed as a "boost" of rewards in case you need to do captures during a week (doing other weeklies, capturing breed stock...). That's simply why we don't see it as an activity by itself and that's why FreeTem has been toned down since it appeared during the EA and will continue to do so if we manage to find new activities to generate that income.

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Originally posted by SnooAvocados9698

u/ItsTsukki Please don't let this be nothing. This is not the same as every game, other games balance for PvP and PvE separately. For casual and hardcore separately. If you don't want us freeteming the least you could do is revert the nerfs to PvP rewards and remove freeteming from the st patricks day event.

Freetemming is a valid activity for events, and in general. The issue is that it shouldn’t be considered the main avenue of Pansun making. We’re already looking into how to keep freeze under control for pvp and not make freetem more difficult for pve, so we’re not letting this be nothing, rest assured!

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Originally posted by keeper_of_kittens

It IS the main avenue of pansun farming, whether or not it was intended. Its so annoying to make money in Temtem. Maybe they could look into adding more ways to generate pansuns as well?

Yes, that's the point I was trying to make! That if FreeTem should not be this, that's what we're going to be looking into. I included it in another reply to the general post

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