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Just got the game and it's really amazing. However there's no offline mode, even if you just want to play by yourself. It's an MMO, so this isn't surprising. However I'm always hesitant to dive into it knowing the servers might shut down at some point and I'd be left with nothing.

For most games when the server goes down there's still singleplayer (most FPS games like Halo or COD), or the games offer self-hosted server options (Minecraft, ARK, etc.).

So is there any message from the devs regarding server shutdown? Will they just abandon it in the future or will they offer a switch to self-hosted servers or a singleplayer update?

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Hi! I think I've answered this question in the past, but I can't find it.
We're not currently considering taking the server down in the future.
If things went wrong and that time came around, we'd think of a solution for it then. But it's definitely not something that's in our heads right now, so we can't give you any more conclusive answer.