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Stability (PC mostly)

First of all, a high priority is to make the game more stable, crashing on PC as it has been for a long time, is not acceptable. This is a high priority to keep players and get new ones. There is something either with the memory handling (memory leaks) or with Easyanticheat or something which makes the game stop interacting with windows and then it crashes. Happens to alot of PC players and the work arounds listed all over the Division reddit only really migitate the issue.

Re-use the side missions more - as part of weekly projects

The story side missions we did during the camaign in both DC and NY should come up as weekly projects/events from time to time. The side storys are cool and interesting, so please use them more. Only available once you completed all side story missions of course.

Green resource convoys

Make the green resource convoys into something more than something you can travel to. For example an event to start an escort of a convoy from one CP to another. Where you get ambushed 2-3 times on the way and get rewarded when you arrive successfully. Only available when you control a zone.

Easier sharing items

When playing in a group, make an option to directly share an item to a group member when its found on the ground. To always having to pick up an item and then sharing via the inventory interface is a unnessary time sink. (this is a low priority request)

Kenly Collage - targeted loot

When Kenly collage comes around, at least make it have a targeted loot option. This would at least somewhat encourage people to go there and explore. Or have Kenly collage be a PVP zone which you can opt into. But you can always toggle it back to PVE if you prefer that, but not while in there. The toggle for either PVE or PVP should be before you enter the zone.

Making night time more dangerous

The game has a great weather system which does affect how far enemies can see and detect, but it doesnt really use the daily / nightly cycle much.

The night could be done more dangerous if there are more patrols out then, making it feel more risky. (low priority request)

Hostile attacks in DC and/or NY - as monthly event

From time to time (one week per month or so ?) there could be a certain event where a certain faction tries to push their control even further. So they are trying to attack other factions CPs, and the agents might get caught in the fray.

The event could be 10-15 Elite mobs of a another faction attacking either Green and/or other Red factions Control points. And the have the goal of at least controlling 50% of the CPs in either NY or DC. Agents must try and stop this and the weekly project succeeds when taking a certain number of CPs during this event from this more aggresive faction. Their control points are more heavily guarded, with more elites.

Faster open apparel chests

Make it so you can open maybe 5 chests at a time. Or for those of us that already have all apparel, make it so we get textiles directly. Or something else than textiles which doesnt really have much use once all apparel are obtained. Which leads us into next suggestion.

More use for textiles

For veteran players which have all apparel items textiles are not really used for anything. So could there be some other thing we could exchange the textiles for? Credits, SHD, resources, donate to other players ?

Summit adjustments

In summit, please make the floors somewhat more different, you soon find the same type over and over. Also more random events would be nice in summit.

And brighten some floors up, it does not have to be a dark, gloomy mood every floor.

Use the music more in open world

The soundtrack in this game is great, and it is not used as much as it could. So please use the music more, as background in open world especially the music is missing.

Rogue agents in Countdown

Make it so rogue agents sometimes replaces the Hunters as the opposition. It is already a great game mode, but this could make Countdown even more varied and fun.

Make the underused talents on weapons and gear more attractive

There are several talents on weapons and gear that are really underpowered. The request is to look through the most underused talents and adjust them so they are more attractive to use. This goes for both weapons and gear. And please avoid placing talents on weapons types that make no sense (example Ranger on shotguns).

Specialisation weapons - Underused due to lack of power.

I know that Massive is working on the Specialisations in a future update. But please also look on the specialisation weapons. As they currently feel rather weak compared to exotics and even yellow weapons. The specialisation weapons should be something you want to take out to really change the flow of a battle, but currently they not impactful enough.

Note that I do not claim that these suggestions are new or mine, I just want them to be seen and have opinions on them. Perhaps developers might see them to and work on them if they have any merit.

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Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with the us and the community! ☺️

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