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Sorry to hear you guys ran into this issue! This issue seems to have cropped up since the last update, and has been reported to the team. I'll go ahead and make sure this thread is added to that report. Could you confirm what platform you are playing on?

I'm so happy to hear you've been enjoying the raid! It can definitely be daunting to get into big team-based raids in any game, so I can definitely relate to the feeling of not wanting to be dead weight.

I'm glad you were able to find a group who were willing to show you the ropes. :)

I love all the phone screen posts! Great source of inspiration for my phone. :)

Hey Red, for the Field Research, try putting on another field research or pinning another objective if you're able, then swapping back. Let me know if the issues persists after killing Outcast Scorchers.

As for the Huntsman Exotic issue, do you happen to recall specifically what Exotic you had seen drop on the ground after killing him?
Hey all, I'll be closing this thread due to the naming and shaming. As I mentioned earlier, posting videos and naming players is against Forum Rules, as we do not want to encourage witch hunts.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM a Forum Mod or a member of the Community Team.

Originally posted by BekkaPramheda

I don't think I've seen this issue occur in full/standing cover; the character seems to throw it around corners fine when standing in cover.

It seems to mostly/only occur in crouched cover, throwing left or right.

I've passed along the info - thank you very much! If you happen to come across this issue again or have a recording of it, please send details my way.

Originally posted by DrewRanger18

Yeah. Got a fresh one. Just farmed The Mast few minutes ago. Where should I send it?

Have you got it hosted on a site such as YouTube? If so would you mind sending me the link to it in a DM?

If you don't DM me and we can work on some alternatives :)

Originally posted by Fortesmythe

I mean, I feel like this SOTG is a perfect representation of the game and the devs though. Take almost a full month off from SOTG giving them time to prepare something interesting...then they come back with a promise that the next SOTG (also delayed) will have something interesting to say.

In Sweden, it is the norm to take your vacation days in bulk around July/August. A large part of the studio has been out of office for the past month and that's why we were light on news and updates yesterday.

More news is coming this month, stay tuned!

If any of you experience this still, please do let me know what models you are playing on?

These are the stories that make this community so great. Sometimes you just run into people who are patient like this and just know how to get everyone to have fun =D The biggest shoutout to them!

Originally posted by DrewRanger18

Thanks. I can provide a clip regarding this if you like.

Do you still have a clip? Please send it my way if you do as we're still looking at this 😊

Originally posted by the-bigwig

  • Visual bug
  • When leaving DZ Checkpoints or Safehouses, environment colors are washed out with blue hue
  • example: BEFORE / AFTER
  • example: BEFORE / AFTER
  • Checking the map by pressing M on PC keyboard fixes it immediately until next time you leave safe house
  • Screenshots are taken one second apart (screenshot before -> opening the map -> closing the map -> screen...
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I forwarded this when it was reported but I would need some more info if you'd be able to provide some:

  • Can you please provide a DxDiag for us?
  • It would really help if we can see your game graphics, video and accessibility settings
  • What is the model of your monitor? And what are the monitor settings?

Feel free to capture these via screenshots and DM me them!

Thanks !

Hey, I would advise sending a message to our support team so they can have a look and check what might have happened:

Been running into these supply rooms in various regions... though having a Diamondback helps reduce the surprise factor. How do these hidden away enemies change Control Points for you all?

06 Aug

Thanks for the details here. Does this only happen with half cover or can it occur with full-cover from the sides as well?

Items that have Textile and Credit prices can be acquired through either one - you do not need both of the currencies to get them.
Originally Posted by SuspiciousPixel

Nothing mentioned about Manning National Zoo? I thought it was forwarded to the team for investigation months ago.
Nice re-cap

Also are you on about the mortars on Manning Zoo ? We re-opened our reports on this side and the team are looking into it.

Thanks for the very detailed and organised post! I am currently going through this and passing on the information to the team.

About the issue with the crane key, you mention you took some videos. Would you be able to upload them somewhere and link them here or DM them to me? They would really help in the investigation!

News on Skyscraper will be coming in August

We have seen similar instances of this issue reported lately. We are currently passing on these reports to the team so they can look into this.

Thank you for the extra information on the area and the steps you took before it happened!

Hello Agents,

This is a thread for sharing your amazing in-game captures so share your favorite shots with us!

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05 Aug

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