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As others suggested, boosting a secondary character can avoid you missing out on some achievements. That way you can maintain your main character to ensure you are able to get all those achievements. :)


Sorry to hear you've been running into these crashes. We resolved a crash issue a few weeks ago, but are still investigating crashes to desktop that appeared after the release of TU12.1.

We are updating our progress in our investigation in this thread here). To assist in the investigation we are asking p...

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09 Apr


That's awesome! Congrats on finally getting the Memento :D

What sort of build are you going to use it with?

08 Apr


Originally posted by redpen07

thank you, looks like i had it on private, hopefully changing that will help me find groups more easily.

Glad to hear it! :)


Originally posted by NYMoneyz

Ok we'll try that. He's not on yet I just wanted to do some fact finding before he gets on so I have some solutions for him because I feel bad haha

Sounds good! I hope it works out for you both :)


Is he able to try and do the mission solo to see if he can receive credit? If not he may want to try matchmaking into another players game to see if that triggers it.


As a few have suggested, ensuring your Group is set to "open" would be my first instinct. Another factor could be the time/day you are playing, as there could be less players online.

07 Apr

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Hey, this is an issue that the team continues to investigate. We are posting updates as we get them on this thread:

In order to help the investigation, it would help if ... Read more
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You should be able to circumvent Ubisoft Connect installing the game by using the "Locate Game Files" function in the Properties section of the game. That way it will use the Epic installation and won't create its own install.

06 Apr


Originally posted by DaPharSydeToo

Can find evidence if need be

yes, that's the whole point of this - start recording video gameplay of the bug happening, then the devs can have a look.

Please do, shoot it my way or link it in this nested thread so I can forward it :)


YES!!! This is amazing. Thank you so much for taking the time to draw this, it's wonderful.

05 Apr


A great piece of art of a complicated guy. Nicely done!


Purchases won't transfer across platforms, so I'm afraid you will need to purchase those again should you make the switch.

04 Apr

Originally Posted by retro1236
I love the old grainy effect on this!
The maintenance has completed, enjoy the extended Golden Bullet Event!

03 Apr


This is wholesome and amazing at the same time! I shared this with the team :)

02 Apr

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As you progress through the season you should unlock the previous manhunt missions. Once you complete that mission you will receive the skill variant from the manhunt, in this case the Repair Trap!

Originally posted by why_Charizard_why

If you're having fun, then that's okay.

I think this is the most important thing in the end. Different builds offer a variety of choice for specific things, but in the end the fun is what's most important. :)

When do they post?

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