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Latest Patch NotesTitle Update 7 - Episode 3 | Patch Notes (11 days ago)


The detail in this game will always amaze me

about 18 hours ago - /u/hamishbode on Reddit - Thread - Direct

That is a SICK screenshot.

New* Agent Activated

1 day ago - Ubi-RealDude on Forums - Thread - Direct
Hey everyone,
My name is Dan and I�ll be stepping in as the newest Community Manager for The Division 2. I�ve been on these forums and The Division specifically for a while now and am happy, humbled, and honored to be able to announce this to you now. Here�s to one of the best and coolest communities I�ve ever seen, and I hope together we can elevate The Division 2 and your passion for it even further.

21 Feb

Field Research is still possible for the automatically unlocked Specializations but it will unlock unique cosmetics rather than the Spec. However, it sounds like this is an issue beyond just that.

If possible, please take a screenshot or screencap of the Specialization selection screen and pass the info along to Ubisoft Support.

📸 Photo Mode Thread

2 days ago - Ubi-Lucipus on Forums - Thread - Direct
Loving those Coney Island photos everyone, the amusement park has had quite a lot of focus for virtual photographers as of late and I simply love the play of light and the palette you can capture in your shots!

I look forward to seeing more!
The maintenance resolved the cover mechanic bug and the servers are coming back up.
You can return to Washington D.C. or Coney Island to continue your missions!

Welcome to the community and thanks so much for the wholesome update! <3

20 Feb

I love this one, huge Spiderman fan! 🕸️

Greetings Agents,

The servers will shut down for maintenance on Friday, February 21st at 09:30 AM CET / 03:30 AM EST / 12:30 AM PST.
Estimated downtime is approximately 3 hours.

Maintenance Notes:

  • We are performing an emergency maintenance to address a bug with the cover mechanic.
    Since we are still working on the patch, we will update you during the maintenance if the fix goes live tomorrow.

    As we see this as a high priority we're scheduling the maintenance for tomorrow, to increase the chances of this being resolved before the weekend.

Please follow this thread for any updates as the maintenance progresses.

Thank you,
The Division 2 Team

Originally posted by Floady

You always play in the same world, so if you set your global difficulty to Heroic and put some directives on, whoever you invite will play that content. If your friend is lower level than you they get scaled up to your level.

Lower Level players will not be able to join higher Level levels. As a high Level player you can join a low Level player in their instance and world, which will then be scaled up. Therefore lower Level players are not able to participate in Directives or Global Events.

Originally posted by THEYYZ


We don't have plans to change the raid blueprints for now.

Originally posted by painkiller508

Launch times? Can we VPN in like the div 2 launch?

As the game is already live it will likely be a maintenance and then the expansion is ready to go. We're still working out the details but will let you know once we have all set in.

New bug in update 7.0

3 days ago - /u/ChrisGansler on Reddit - Thread - Direct

We are aware of this issue and are working on it.

Originally posted by Devilsmirk

Does this mean PS4 players miss out on the pre-order bonuses?

All early purchase bonuses will be available until April 3rd.

New Exploit in The Division 2

3 days ago - /u/ChrisGansler on Reddit - Thread - Direct

We have been looking into this and are working on it with the highest priority.

19 Feb

Originally posted by klampbell_soup

Hey Chris, thanks for all the hard work you are doing answering these questions. By any chance can you pass this bug up to the developers I left in a comment in this thread? Looking through this subreddit and forums I noticed this blueprint bug has existed since October but no mention of anything. I just submitted a support ticket as well since this only seems to be affecting new agents.

Yes, we're aware. I don't think we have talked about it on State of the Game again, so let me look up what the devs found out. I know it was a peculiar issue that required some more investigation. Thanks for bringing it up again.

Originally posted by xZerocidex

Hey have any of the devs stated what is going to happen to Amped from the Technician tree in the xpac?

We haven't talked about the Specializations in detail yet. I'll see if we can get something for next week. No promises, as we are quite busy right now.

Originally posted by Nyteshade517

A bit confused...So we don't get any of the Twitch Drop items or the skin from the Tommy Hunt or whatever until the expansion launches?

The drops rewards and the Tommy rewards are live already. When you login you'll find them in your Apparel inventory.

Originally posted by polomarkopolo

Anyone know why I can't preorder this DLC on the canadian Playstation Store?

Does Ubisoft-Massive not want my money now?

I want to give them my money now...

Ubisoft... Massive.... why don't you want my money now?

As said on State of the Game, we are working on it but currently pre-order is not available for PS4. The game will release on March 3rd on PlayStation 4.

Originally posted by matmusto


With Warlords of New York, March 3rd.

When do they post? (GMT +0)
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