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Shepherd XP Question

about 15 hours ago - Ubi-RealDude on Forums - Thread - Direct
Originally Posted by eckLub
I hope I'm proven wrong cause I'm looking forward to answering the calls for help and seeing how it works....but I've just got a very low opinion on humanity in general and this system specifically.
I'm confident. Vast majority of my experiences with Calling (or being Called) for Backup lead to at least a "Thank you!" I'd like to think this is a little extra gusto for those who already express appreciation. I know I'll use it for sure, at least.
Originally Posted by cavids
not pointless, I want the experience of the raid and the story. Without matchmaking I would never get it, my pool of friends that play this is small and most of the time only 2 of us are on at a time if that
As well as consistent GS 500 gear and a veritable buffet of Black Tusk enemies.
Originally Posted by elkyri
Video available if desired but it doesn't add more info than already shared.
If you could PM me a link to that video, I would actually really appreciate it.


For clarification, you're finding Gear Mods drop on the ground, attempting to pick them up, ostensibly picking them up (they disappear as if you did) and upon looking in your inventory, poof-gone?

YodaMan, you mentioned this happened to you as well with the same types of mods?

Edit: Thank you for reminding me about this, elkyri, what platforms are you each on?

I'll be sure to make a note of this along with the additional details you share.
Originally Posted by ken31cayman
So what the hell ever happened to raid easy mode match making?
I'm not sure what yo mean.

The Discovery version/difficulty of the Raid will have Matchmaking available but will not drop Raid gear (EB/Spec.Sets).
Are you referring to something else about Discovery mode more specifically?
xcel and DarkKnight got to it first, but yes - they are both correct.

Expeditions/ Questions to Devs

about 20 hours ago - Ubi-RealDude on Forums - Thread - Direct
During the PTS one of the biggest pieces of feedback surrounding the Expeditions was that the challenge and rewards didn't really feel good enough or worth it. In part off of that feedback, we decided to hold off on introducing the Mastery System in order to better hone and improve the experience and rewards to be more... well... rewarding.

We have a more official article up discussing the Expeditions here if you're looking for some general information. But to be rather blunt, based on the feedback we were receiving ... Read more

BAD BEHAVIOR in Division 2

about 20 hours ago - Ubi-RealDude on Forums - Thread - Direct
Originally Posted by Flipya_1
Get this...


PS I not complaining here...its just part of the game...but man...some people are bad!!
Now don't get me wrong, I feel for you. Looking at the OG DZ video Merphee shared... besides the rude usage of the turrets, this is a textbook Agent-gone-Rogue story.

In a way I love it. In another way, it hurts.
My best advice is simply this: Remember their name. Hunt them in the DZ. Exact vengeance.

Voodoo Bullet...

about 21 hours ago - Ubi-RealDude on Forums - Thread - Direct
Originally Posted by tcarlisle2012
I once wandered upon a fight in the open world between the outcast sledgehammer guy and the black tusk fat gunner. I just sat back to watch and see who would win.
Bold of you to lead into this story without a conclusion.

20+ delta 3 errors in the last 3 days. (Xbox)

about 21 hours ago - Ubi-RealDude on Forums - Thread - Direct
That number of Deltas is wild. Just a few preliminary questions...

  • Safe to assume these errors started 3 days ago and weren't much of an issue beforehand?
  • Where are you/What are you doing when you get hit by these Deltas?
  • About how much time does it take for a Delta to hit? (Also is it uniform or random?)
  • Have you recently reinstalled the game onto your console?

Mask drops are very rare

about 21 hours ago - Ubi-RealDude on Forums - Thread - Direct
Originally Posted by eskimosound
I would complain to Ubisoft if I were you.
Unfortunately there's no dial on my desk to influence drops of a specific slot. This is just RNG being RNG.
Right. Going to close this thread now since it's gotten off topic and even back when it was... it was going downhill.

Discussion of moderator actions is against forum rules. If you have an legitimate issue or question regarding a moderator's actions, please message that moderator (or any Community Staff member) directly instead of trying to make it a public talking point. Thank you.

"skills are coming"

about 23 hours ago - Ubi-RealDude on Forums - Thread - Direct
Originally Posted by i-hero
How the developers don't even put in time to calculate how a maximum potential build x vs others would affect balance is a statement how little they actually care about pvp balance.
So don't get me wrong, I can absolutely understand the frustration of what feels like a cheap cop-out tool that anyone can pick up and abuse...


An aspect of the PvP that the Dev team also has to contend with is keeping these systems both balanced and still feeling rewarding to players who do get those top tier near-perfected builds.
Making setups fun to use all around, strong when optimized, and still interesting to play against all a... Read more
Originally Posted by VersatilityToad
O thought they were implementing a system where you had to be granted shepherd xp anyway? It would make more sense instead of request matchmaking. You could request a shepherd especially on side missions
I personally see it as something of a status symbol or stamp of assured quality... not unlike another system that uses different statuses, symbols, or groups in its jolly cooperation in order to differentiate allies.

Indeed if only I, as a Shepard, could be so grossly incandescent.

What Sucks More?

1 day ago - Ubi-RealDude on Forums - Thread - Direct
Did a double take from the title of the thread... Carry on.

Maybe ISAC is having a heat stroke. DC in the summer can be brutal, you know.

Weird builds and you

1 day ago - Ubi-RealDude on Forums - Thread - Direct
Alex as my witness, I will make a Cleaner inspired build with Firestarter, Flame Turret, and double shotguns.

What's the weirdest build you want to do, but thus far haven't or couldn't?

17 Jul

Yea, high time this thread be closed.

Talking about the game and the game's community can be beneficial, but making the sweeping statements about swathes of 'types' of community members is not helpful whatsoever.
Also, calling out and attacking individual players is not conducive to productive forum discussion.
I'm excited to see how things shift with TU5. Please don't hesitate to share your feedback when it drops on the 23rd... Especially if you are heavily impacted by the changes.
Well... that is unfortunate. Sadly, there is no way to recover items lost due to selling or deconstruction.

Also, the attempts at dunking on the OP don't really help anyone. If there's no advice or anything constructive to add, then please avoid just antagonizing others.
Thanks for the reports on this, everyone. I'll keep my eye out for more talk about this (and add it to my notes.)
Originally Posted by xcel30
Eagler bearer is a strong exotic, that is hard to get, i have no problem with being a exclusive reward for completing the current normal version of the raid, and it's intention is being that. The gear sets are meant to be used in the raid, most of them are somewhat weak but have the intention of buffing the whole team instead and you only get these items that should improve your raid experience, if you already showed off that you don't need them.
I see it as sort of in the same spirit as why you don't typically get gear way above your level in the level 1-30 phase on the game. Better gear - gear more in line with your character quality and skill - d... Read more


2 days ago - Ubi-RealDude on Forums - Thread - Direct
Originally Posted by TribeCheckAHoe
I agree with you on some points.. and btw! I love discussions like this! I know we're kind of off topic.. but..oh well.
I couldn't agree more, on all fronts. As long as the thread doesn't split up and start having two different conversations side by side we should be all good.

Something to also keep in mind, while player vs. player encounters can provide very unique experiences, we humans often lack as much of a sense for the dramatic as our artificially controlled counterparts. Perhaps more intense and organic scenes, but with a craft-able opponent, you have craft-able experiences too.
When do they post? (GMT +0)
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