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So, I went to clear the settlement blockade this morning...

I used a classified mission to fast travel. I only had to pass one public execution to get to the blockade. I meant to ignore it but Black Tusk were fighting the Outcasts there. Probably because the blockade and execution spawned so close together? I drew aggro from both groups. Funny enough, the blockade was right there so I used it for cover and started the hack. It was hectic as hell.

Then comes the enemy supply convoy. Then an elite supply convoy. No joke. Both from different directions.

It was starting to look like I'd got rid of all the Black Tusk after the hack finished but the Outcasts were starting to get a bit overwhelming. I was being over run by rushers when the Black Tusk aerial recon drone showed up. It was grenade spamming me but it was also attacking the Outcasts with machine gun fire. The Outcast rushers stopped in what could only be described as confusion and Outcasts with guns engaged the drone. So everybody is attacking everybody with me as the common enemy of all them.

This went on for a solid 15 minutes. I survived, barely, with zero armor kits and just a few rounds of SMG ammo. My AR was empty. "Rogue Striker drone detected". No way... I had to laugh at this point, even though no actual rogue ever showed up.

Luckily, the world was on challenging and not heroic. I still leveled up twice and was just a few XP points from a third level up.

So, how many things can happen at once? Seems like... all of them? lol
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Sounds like a chaotic good time! I can't say if there is a limit to how many encounters could get roped into a Control Point fight, but it obviously seems like a lot!

Might be a cool experiment to try...