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The 3 commendations in question are the Summit Combat Mastery Merit, Summit Service Merit, and Summit Discovery Merit. I realize some of these have been reported, but I figured having all of them in the same thread would be beneficial. I provided a little information and screenshots for each commendation. Here is the Imgur link to all the screenshots for the commendations below.


First up, the Summit Combat Mastery Merit. This is the one with the 5 tiers of challenges that must be be completed. In my personal case, I completed the first tier of challenges before claiming and then when I tried to move on to the next tier, it bugged out. It said to shoot -75/-70 grenades out of the air, however the commendation was marked as completed and I was given the patch without doing the rest.

I did continue to do the commendation in case that would fix the issue. I did the shoot the grenades and it did successfully move on to the next tier, which was break every armor piece on an elite finishing with the helmet. After that was completed, it was get 5 consecutive headshots on different hostiles without missing. That I have also done, among other players as well, however it will not progress any further. This commendation now sits in the unclaimed section as well. Please refer to the screenshot provided above.

The 2nd commendation I'd like to report on is the Summit Service Merit. This requires that you complete 50 ascents of Summit. This is not being rewarded when 50 ascents are completed. It simply shows 50/50 completed and claim reward is greyed out, unable to be pressed. I have done extra ascents, switched characters, logged in and out in effort to claim it to no success. Screenshot in link above.

The 3rd and final commendation I'd like to talk about is the Summit Discovery Merit. I have been told this commendation actually will reward you when completed, however the problem I have with it is it does not count group-wide when crates are opened. This doesn't incentivize you to run in a group or you end up slowing down your own progress because when a teammate opens a crate, it does not add to your commendation progress. This was particularly disappointing as if you're someone who like to run in a team and with people who also want this commendation, it significantly slows down everyone's progress.

This commendation already takes a lot of hours as is. I would also like to point out, that the old discovery merits for the main missions were changed in a update, so that they would count in a group. I was hoping that would be the case here from the start. There is a Summit challenge called "Crate Crazy". That does count crates opened by teammates, so I believe it can be added in to work for the commendation as well.

I hope the appropriate fixes are made to these and if there is any further information I can provide, I'll be glad to provide more if needed.
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Hey hunterfiveseven,

Thanks for reaching out.

The team is aware of these issues and are investigating them further.
about 5 hours ago - Ubi-Swaggins - Direct link
Sorry to hear it ZeppelinsHermit. Once we have more information regarding any fixes, we will communicate it.

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