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In an effort to rule out possible configs that do NOT have a problem, please shout out if you can play the game without any crashes or freezes for at least a decent amount of time (say, one hour or more)

If so, please post a dxdiag pastebin or describe your setup. This will help us know what works to rule out what's wrong with the rest of us.
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Originally Posted by rashbak101
From the thread I figure this is a problem not affecting consoles. On my PS4 the game is playing as smooth as butter. Had only 2 crashes since playing Div2 and been playing this game for months.
Having said that, I understand the pain of the many who are having issues. Hope it gets resolved for you folk soon.
Hey, can confirm that the issue is currently only affecting players on PC. We continue to look into this.
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The crash which was introduced 2 days ago should now be fixed, the crash which was happening on PC prior to this is still present and our teams are still investigating.
We can see that many people now have access to the PC build with improvements.
The ongoing Golden Bullet Global Event will be extended by one week on all platforms.

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