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to Ubisoft Moderator

I wanted to post to a thread I started early Tuesday morning regarding crashes and my attempts to resolve issues before learning of network issues.
But it appears to have been deleted rather then moved if it was in the wrong Forum. I was not upset by the crashes I was incurring but
that someone who took the time to make a suggestion based on something they noticed during a crash and they hoped would help resolve problem is treated so rudely.

So, on Wednesday I was able to play 3-4 hrs. without crashing. It is now Thursday, my game has crash twice but if Ubisoft does not care to
hear from someone with continued concerns, fine delete this thread too.

26 days ago - UbiT00n - Direct link
Will look into this but just as a reminder:

"Moderation actions – These are not a topic for public discussion, if you have a serious issue to raise with moderation actions taken against you or in general, please contact a Community Manager. Flaming moderators or their actions (this includes telling them how to moderate) is no more acceptable than insulting a regular user."