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I am still new this Division 2 game, playing solo thru the whole story line. And at the end of game, when specialisation has becomes available, with world tiers as well, I kept on grinding to get levelled up.

And tried, out of curiousity, one of the Dark Zone areas, where I met this DIV2 player [MOR]DTD_Scary

Cannot recall his exact level or gear score but it was in the 500's I think. Way more "experienced" than I am, a mere grunt at level 30 / gear score low-200's. I also had a nasty suspicion that I was out of depth with the dangers of Dark Zone, also be alone too. He re-appeared next to me at the Dark Zone East, and after checking me out, invited me and took me along.

I suspect that there was some in-game communication but I was totally unaware of it as I am a deaf player, don't have sound or speech-to-text enabled in the game, as he was constantly running towards me, and away, and back to me. When I saw some active map marking, I decided to mark the same destination as his, to tell him that I confirm it. And off he went with me tagging behind.

We managed to win some BIG battles, with drop of loot at 3 different drop-zones, without me dying. The few times that I was injured, he used a Hive bomb to heal me. And once, revived me too. At another stage when I died (he was kept busy/pinned down by enemies) he cleared the area, and waited for me at the same spot while I was running back in from the nearest safe house.

Then we met two other players who completely wiped us out in a matter of 30 seconds. I was totally unprepared for that. Absolutely no idea what happened, or how.

Nevertheless, this guy made it worthwhile for me, letting me realise that the Dark Zone has great loot drops but are also a total different ball of game.

I am not going to try the Dark Zone again until I am experienced enough and has figured a way to get around the communication issues.

But I want to thank him. It was GG! Hope to see you around some time!

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What a fantastic experience, thanks [MOR]DTD_Scary, wherever you are I hope you see this and the positive impact you had on Agent GroenHoender ๐Ÿงก