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Hey all, posted this on the Ubisoft forums, but reposting here for visibility and more dicussion. Cheers!

Hi Ubi! Loving the game, but gotta point out something you goofed on.

1) Removal of the "Loot All As Junk" feature is a mistake. You removed a good feature without announcing you were going to do it, you didn't mention it in the patch notes, and it was a horrible idea. My supporting argument is that the feature was very useful! You could look through a list of items on the ground, pick up the ones you wanted, then hold L-Trigger to pick up the rest as junk. OR, if you had already looked through the loot preview list and then had to get out of the menu for whatever reason (combat, etc), you could just loot the pile as junk without having to reopen the loot preview pane. This was great because you didn't need to loot everything, go through stuff, then individually mark it as junk. You've made it HARDER to tag items as junk so they can be sold for credits or donated to projects. Level 4 control points or bosses that drop 4-5 items were nice to be able to look through quickly then Loot All As Junk in one stroke rather than 4 or 5.

2) You removed BOTH options for "Loot All As Junk." WHY? You took out the ability to tag everything from the ground AND you removed the option to do it from the loot preview list. Not cool.

3) The way you removed it may cause players to delete things accidentally AND you've reintroduced the same confusion between L and R sticks that was present in the beta and had to be fixed back then. Not only did you remove LAAJ from the L stick press, but you MOVED Deconstruct All to that same L stick press instead of leaving it on R stick. This is a phenomenally bad move. Players not paying attention or who revert back to an old habit can now Deconstruct All loot from the ground without a warning or confirmation dialogue AND you've now again caused button confusion by having Deconstruction on L stick for some situations and R stick for others. This is just bad UX.

Please, just put the features back the way they were. Give us back the "L stick to LAAJ" from the ground and "L trigger to LAAJ" within the loot preview list. If you won't do that, AT LEAST put the Deconstruct All from the ground back on the R stick.

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4 months ago - /u/ChrisGansler - Direct link

Hey. This is not intended. We're gonna bring it back as soon as we can, but it might require a client-side patch. Sorry for the inconvenience.