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Yesterday afternoon my team cleared without any agents getting downed. We didn't get Flawless. We assembled at the beach, one player joined us slightly later - at which point I reset the raid, and we started.
There's a suggestion that this - not everyone being in group when the team heads to the raid - causes Flawless not to be available. That makes no sense, what is reset for? Can you comment on how this works?
23 days ago - Ubi-Baron - Direct link
Hi GlennFlatpack,

Thank you for reporting this issue to us.

We have had some reports of issues with the Flawless Commendation not unlocking for the Iron Horse raid, and it's something that has been passed on to the team.

Could you let us know the Usernames of the other players that were in the Raid?
22 days ago - Ubi-Baron - Direct link
Thank you for providing the names for us, we'll add this to the investigation.