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Not a huge issue, but it happened to me twice this evening so I figured I�d say something. I was hunting resource convoys and twice I had killed the initial 4 but the next wave that spawned were stuck in the Bakery & Cafe on the corner of 6th St NW & I St NW. It�s like the door never opened for them to come out. Thanks to the golden bullet thing I could see one of the npcs through the wall and could hear all of them. Stuck around for a couple minutes the first time but then another convoy spawned at the cp around the corner and left. Second time once I realized they were stuck again I left.
25 days ago - Ubi-Baron - Direct link
Thank you for reporting this issue to us, brightmoor4, we're sorry to hear you encountered that issue.

If you encountering this issue again, we'd ask you to try capturing a video of this occurring and provide it here. This is so it can be passed on to the development team to help them take a look into this.