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So i don�t see any of the new apparel in the Apparels menu, I do see the event as ongoing in the Seasons Menu but if I toggle on the event details it says �0/0 all keys collected!�
17 days ago - Ubi-Baron - Direct link
Thank you for reporting this to us, therealNnemic, we're sorry to hear that's been the case.

Just to confirm is it still showing that the event is not live yet?

Have you tried leveling up to earn the keys to see if you are able to get them?
16 days ago - Ubi-Baron - Direct link
Glad to hear that, therealNnemic

Thank you for reporting that to us, tchr08, I'll reply to your other thread on this here

To avoid any confusion!

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I don't know what's happening but I have been leveling up several times. I get the notice that I have earned an apparel event key but when I look it's not there and it tells me next key in three levels. Please explain where are my keys.