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Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing horrendous legging since the patch? I am freezing in the menu screen, while walking, running and doing complete 360's when only trying to make a simple turn. I play in the US, more specifically in Texas if that helps? Ping is 9 Upload is like 12 and Download is 222. What else can cause me to have/experience this? People jumping into the server after the patch or ?
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Hı My name is Bahadır I am from TURKEY The game freezes every time I play a game.i did windows virtual rem, i lowered the game settings to low but still freezing There is a problem with this game when normally playing every game on medium and high setting all friend same problems can u help me
Hey bkorkusuz, I recommend making a post on the dedicated PC Support forums for more assistance, as this forum is for general discussion of the game.

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