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Hello Agents.

I've finally decided to return to The Division after a long break and picked up Warlord of New York, stormed off New York, get a nice new watch (it glows red, so that's nice), decided that I want to turn Rogue, so please Ubi, do that soon.

But after doing all that, a new icon spawned. "The Summit", sounds nice ! Let's go do that, it's just cleaning floors, it will be fast and easy, specially with my full Vector hunter build. It was 1AM.

9 Hours later, I've climbed through it all, spend 45 minuts on the last floor thanks to those nice guys who decided that hunting in duo is funnier, and got a nice Comboy Holster for the Ultimate Reward and new found hatred for flying objects with machine guns called drones.

Honestly, As a D1 vet, a Destiny 1 at 2 vet, TD2 actuallyt feels amazing to return, the new system of season feels great, and those new activities are exactly what I was looking for. Can't wait to, one day, do some raids too.

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27 days ago - /u/Ubi-RealDude - Direct link

Welcome back and glad to hear you're enjoying The Summit! Keep us posted on how the Raids go. ;)