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State of the Game


As announced, there will be a State of the Game at 17.00 CEST.


You can check it out on





Title Update 3

"Title Update 3: Operation Dark Hours" is another milestone in The Divisions 2 Year 1 Roadmap. It is the addition of the first 8 player raid in the history of The Division - but it is also a lot more. In general, it is also a re-alignment and balance pass that affects the NPCs, the talents, the weapons, the gear and some big adjustments to the PVP content. The normalization was reworked, new PVP modifiers were introduced and there were also major adjustments to the Dark Zones. Besides that, it should also help you in your gearing up process, make crafting more viable and also provide you with more ways to accumulate blueprints.


=> Content Overview

=> Patch Notes


Raid: Operation Dark Hours

Release Date: Thursday, May 16 at 6PM CEST / 12 PM EST / 1AM KST / 2 AM ACT


Operation Dark Hours pits eight players together for the first time in the history of the franchise to experience the most challenging activity available in The Division 2. Here, teamwork, collaboration, and adaptation will be tested and above all, rewarded.


=> Trailer

=> Overview

=> Rewards

=> The Raid Summary

=> Race to worlds first competition


Operation Dark Hours - Special Report Live Stream

Tune in to the Special Report live stream on Thursday, May 16th 05:00 PM CEST / 11:00 AM EDT / 08:00 AM PDT discussing Operation Dark Hours!


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Known Issues



Community Resources

The community has provided a lot of guides, tools, and lists: Link


Important links

  • Video
  • Article on the official page
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4 months ago - /u/hamishbode - Direct link

Originally posted by thuggothic

There was 0 fucks given by either one of them about it

I give multiple fucks. That's why I came here to see what folks like you are saying.

4 months ago - /u/hamishbode - Direct link

Originally posted by marniconuke

Keep in mind i'm still playing with randoms. You are just making finding them a lot harder

That's a really constructive, good point.

4 months ago - /u/hamishbode - Direct link

Originally posted by syowr

aaaaannnnddd now for a deafening round of silence from you and everyone else involved in this decision as the solo players all take your multiple fucks given and stop playing...

No reason to grind for gear builds to be able to run content I won't be allowed to see outside of a youtube video about it. I was planning to drop a few bucks on the apparel event too I'll save it for a different game though.

I definitely don't think silence is the way to go here; I'd like to think you and the rest of the community know me better than that. I'll do my best to give you all of the information as it happens. Let's be clear, there is nothing stopping you from experiencing this content. Does the lack of matchmaking make this a little more of a burden for you? That's a fair thing you could say yes to.

tl;dr - keep talking, silence sucks.