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i have tryed this more than once and the topic usualy gets ignored , but i still do it again from time to time.

Users from this forum often complain about having no friends to play or that they dont want to engage with strangers , RAID complaints come to mind, but here we all "know" each other from the discussions and it would be great IMO to play with people we discuss this game about almost every single day.

this invite to offer your platform and username for others to add extends to the mods or the devs and literaly anyone connected to this forum , leave all the anger and resentment from past threads at the door and come have fun.

who knows if this goes mildly well we could even have an 8 man group from the forums alone to do the raids, that would be off the charts and worthy an arm patch

i´ll start with mine:



when i get home tonight im going to create a clan just for this and update the topic with the clan name to everyone who wants to join.

solo players dont be afraid to join ,im a solo myself and you can still play solo whenever you want , but you will also have a group of people ready to join you or be joined that are not complete strangers .

also nothing in this means you would have to use a mic to talk to people , it would be the same old same but with people from the forum.

i cant do much for console players but someone from that platform could be the "leader" there and create the clan for others to join using this same thread.

lets group up agents!
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My Ragdoll does the same, but soon as she starts to see movement her claws are out near my expensive screen lol
She just wants to help with those pesky Hunters!

Also, this is a great idea guys! So happy that everyone's managing to find other people to play with.