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@Migz - DH have you checked if any of the element of the Matias pc configuration is similar to your?

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Hi again,

Do you use any kind of software from AMD that work over your whole Os or your Gpu software?

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The easiest way to find out what is happening in the process of the game is if you 2 that have the exactly issue put in common all the elements. In this case we can highly minimize the options to find the issue. Otherwise the possibilities are too much.

I hope @Matias Riquelme can help us in this to minimize the process.

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Originally posted by Matias Riquelme: all software i have: radeon driver (last), steam, C++ libraries, ubisoft connect, epic games, nvidia physx...
windows 10 updated to this morning.
Processor amd A6 9220 2+3 gpu cores
4*2 gb ram 2000mhz
ssd kingston a400 480gb

PD: recently i buy another notebook with I5 10300 and gtx1650, i will try the game and see if issue persist on diferent pc.

We have checked the game in AMD I5 successfully could you tell us if you check the game in your new pc?


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