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Transcript (by Youtube)

0s this is our biggest Steam Sale ever
2s tribes of midgard is under $10 right now
5s but just for this week on Steam our game
7s is a co-op Survival action RPG made by
10s our studio in Montreal Canada in the
12s game you are a viking finding yourself
14s in midgard and you must survive against
16s enemies like giants all the while
18s constructing your very own village your
21s Viking is customizable especially when
23s it comes to the different classes you
24s can specialize in there are up to eight
26s of them and there's even an option to
28s mix and match those class skills to pick
30s for you like a very important thing
33s about tribes is that no matter when you
34s join if you're playing for the first
36s time you can still access all of the
38s content we've added to the game the past
40s 2 and A2 years so last thing don't
43s forget the sale runs through this week
45s until April 4th and be sure to let us
47s know if you pick it up