Andy B - Community Manager

Andy B - Community Manager

13 Apr


Calling all practitioners of the arcane arts! Mystic Masterpieces is here, and we want you to show off your skills and create a masterpiece that captures the essence of golems or all things sorcery.

The prize? Your artwork will be featured in-game within decorative placeables for all to see. So, get ready to let your creativity soar and conjure up something truly magical. Don't miss out on this opportunity to showcase your talent and become a part of Hyboria’s beauty!

Submissions will be judged by a team at Funcom based on creativity and presentation. 10 winners will receive a Premium Battle Pass for the next chapter of the next Age, and of those 10, three (3) submissions will be chosen as grand prize winners to additionally be converted into in-game decora... Read more

13 Aug

Welcome to the winners list! I'll begin by saying this was by far the most difficult contest to judge. You all clearly put so much love, energy, time, and passion into your temples. Our judges over all Funcom offices debated all week, but we've finally declared the winners. Even if your temple isn't listed here, we are giving you a huge round of applause and thank you for participating in this. We'll be posting some of your temples on our social media accounts so keep an eye out there!

If you don't see your entry here, PLEASE share it with us! Reply to this thread with your gorgeous buildings or link to a thread if you've already posted it. Some winners that were chosen don't have a name, so if you see yours here please let us know so we can properly credit you.

Additionally, we received 5x the amount of PC entries than we d... Read more

20 May

Lead Designer Dennis Douthett is taking to reddit for all your burning questions! The AMA is now live:

Update: AMA is over! In case you missed it, here's a recap put together by forum user nokosa!

... Read more

08 May


The past few years have been an incredible journey - from our humble roots in Early Access, to our official launch in 2018, and now navigating these challenging times as we all wonder just what’s around the corner at every turn.

But Crom made us strong, and you’ve made us stronger still.

We know it’s been a little bumpy at times, and to that we offer our deepest appreciation for your support, your passion, and your patience over the years. We wouldn’t be here without YOU: The modders, the builders, the artists, the slayers, the roleplayers, the adventurers; the community.
You, Exiles, are who we are truly grateful for. Thank you!!

It doesn’t just stop at text this humble Community Manager wrote, either! A bunch of developers wanted to give their personal thanks - even the most camera-shy of us came out of the woodwork for this one! Meet some of the team across Durham, Oslo, Lisbon, and everywhere between:

... Read more

06 May

Greetings, Exiles!

Did you catch today's Twitch Gaming Show? We had some very exciting news to share.
First, we announced that Isle of Siptah will be leaving Early Access on PC and launch on all platforms on May 27th!

And, of course, what better place to announce that we are also adding Twitch Drops to Conan Exiles for the first time ever? That's right, when Isle of Siptah launches, watching live streams on Twitch will yield some cool in-game rewards that we can't wait to show you.

We also announced that Conan Exiles is coming to Xbox and Windows GamePass! Keep your eyes peeled for more info on that.

Finally, we premiered a video that summarized the changes Isle of Siptah has undergone since Early Access launch. It gives you a good look at the visual and content changes and explaining it all is Project Director Scott Junior and Senior Art Director Gavin Whelan.

... Read more

29 Apr

Greetings, Exiles!

Have you taken the Isle of Siptah 2.4 update for a spin yet? It includes visual improvements, new Isle of Dawn and Isle of Dusk biomes, several new camps all over the island, a new religion and avatar, and more mysteries to discover!

This is an important update for Isle of Siptah, so we wanted to bring select members of the press on an in-game tour to show off the new content and improvements. You can check out some of the impressions here:
... Read more

27 Apr

Greetings exiles! Many aspects of the Isle of Siptah expansion have improved greatly during Early Access. We wish to show you some of these improvements and the very big difference they make for the island, how it looks and how they improve the gameplay on this mysterious new map.

Since the start of Early Access we have improved both the environment and lighting for Isle of Siptah. The sky has become much more blue and new clouds can be seen in the distance.

These changes make Isle of Siptah a much brighter and more colorful place to play. The improved lighting and sky are especially noticeable in the area around the tower in the middle of the island. Before this area was quite dark and gloomy.

Some of the darkness still returns when a powerful storm takes shape around the tower, but unlike before you can now ... Read more

25 Nov


We've been through a heck of a year together, and we can't thank you enough for your continued love and support of Conan Exiles!

Nominations for the Steam Awards 2020 are now open, and we'd be thrilled if you gave us a nod for "Labor of Love". We're committed to delivering the best of Hyborian brutality for our adventurers, PvPers, builders, modders, and RPers for a long time to come. Let's continue to survive, build, and dominate together into 2021!

By Crom,
The Conan Exiles Team

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