10 Aug

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Hey everyone,

We are pleased to announce that a hotfix for Update 12 ‘Falling Dark’ is now live. Over the next several weeks our focus will turn to continued optimization, bug fixing and ongoing polish.

For a comprehensive list of changes for this hotfix please read the changelog below.

In future Dev Briefs will be announcing what the next content update will bring, along with parity for console players. This will be a huge milestone for the game and the community as a whole. This means that future updates across platforms will be released at the same or similar time, and allow us to work far more efficiently.

We want to thank the entire community for your ongoing support, and extend this to our own team who work very hard to put out these updates and fixes. We are extremely excited for the future of HLL, and we hope you are too.

See you on the frontline! o7

Hotfix Changelog
Gameplay/Features Reduced Precision ... Read more

08 Jun

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Hey everyone,

Welcome to yet another Developer Briefing. Today we’re excited to showcase an abundance of new content coming in Update 12, featuring new Commander Abilities, additional Omaha Beach map variants (with reworked areas to suit their respective gamemodes) and the new US “Sherman M4A3 75w” medium tank along with the return of the beloved German “Panther” medium tank.

Without further ado, let’s dig right in!

New Commander Abilities This first feature has been one of the more difficult surprises to keep, and after seeing the countless requests across the Reddit, Steam forums and Discord channels over the past few weeks, we’re very excited to finally be pulling the curtains. Scheduled for implementation in Update 12 is the addition of 2 new Commander Abilities - the ‘Ammo Drop’ and ‘Precision Strike’, featuring the infamous Ju-87 ‘Stuka’!

As always, please note that the following content is in a state of ‘work in progress’ and h... Read more

18 Mar

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Hey everyone,

Welcome to this week's developer briefing where we discuss our plans moving forward as well as a detailed look at a brand new map coming in Update 12!

With the release of Patch 17 behind us and the team hard at work developing new and exciting content for future updates, we think now is a great opportunity to take a step back and look at developer briefing timelines and how we release information moving forward. We have heard many suggestions from the community as to what they would prefer to see with these briefings and after a lot of internal discussion on the topic have elected to try a few ideas over the short term.

The first decision we have made will involve shifting the focus of developer briefings to contain more details on game related developments. To implement this type of information flow we have to be more timely with what and how we present it in the briefings, so initially as we look to roll this out we have made the decision to ... Read more

17 Feb

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Patch 17 Launch Soon To Be Announced
This week we are continuing to work away on Patch 17, unfortunately a few issues cropped up close to the sign-off period which we are now addressing. We’re expecting to wrap up these issues ASAP before continuing the sign-off period, after which we look forward to officially rolling Patch 17 out. We appreciate all your patience and help with the testing for the patch during the PTE sessions we held.

Sneak Peek Of The Week - Updated Smart Materials
The art team has been hard at work on multiple fronts for Hell Let Loose. Alongside the continuous content creation for updates moving forward they are constantly looking at ways to improve both the performance and looks of existing assets in Hell Let Loose. These assets make the backbone of what a player sees and interacts with in game and are a high priority for achieving the overall realistic feel of the WW2 theaters in Hell Let Loose.

As an example we c... Read more

21 Jan

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Hi Everyone,

Welcome back to the 2nd Dev Brief of 2022, this week we are keeping things short and sweet as the Team continues to focus work on the upcoming Patch 17. In the next couple of weeks we look forward to sharing more information on what to expect in this Patch as well as what exciting new content we have planned.

2022 is looking to be a big year for Hell Let Loose with some amazing updates lined up!

With that said, this developer briefing will be community focused, showcasing some great content from the waves of people who enjoy featuring HLL in videos, screenshots, fanart and more. As we near the release of Patch 17 we'll be sure to spill the beans on all things Patch related including PTE timings.

Community Content Artwork/Screenshots Feature
We continue to see some great content from the Hell Let Loose community members showcased in the official HLL discord. Being separate from the dedicated team of ‘War Correspondents’... Read more

16 Dec

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Hey Everyone,

Welcome to another weekly Dev Brief from the frontlines of HLL. This week again sees the team quite busy working on both known issues for Outflank and moving forward to the next update.

Looking back at 2021
2021 has been a very busy and fulfilling year for the team. We have seen the implementation of the Eastern front with Stalingrad and Kursk, the evolution of HLL onto the console platform for Xbox and Playstation fans and finally culminating in the release of Update 11 ‘Outlfank’ to round out a hectic year on the production side of HLL.

We are very thankful to see the community growing with us as our development continues forward for Hell Let Loose. The community strength has been a major driving force for us progressing with our staff spurred on to reach new goals for current and future development.

Items of note for 2021
  • 3 Major Updates
  • 4 Patches/Hotfixes
  • ...
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07 Dec

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Hi everyone.

We are proud to finish an extremely busy year for the team with an exciting update to warm up your holiday season!

This update sees the introduction of numerous new additions such as Half-tracks, the Panzer IV, the US Trench gun, the FG42 and a large number of bug fixes and tweaks - all of which you can see in the latest changelog below.

As always, please understand that with over 800 changes some minor fixes or tweaks may not be listed due to their proportional significance or exemption when merging similar changes. We aim to be as thorough as possible when it comes to listing key changes while also maintaining an informative and legible list to the community

Over the coming days we will be paying extra attention across all of our channels regarding the stability of the update, if you happen to come across any issues please reach out to us via our respective Discord channels or the ... Read more

26 Nov

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Final PTE before Update 11

Hey everyone,

Things have been moving very fast for the team as we work towards final sign off for the 7th December. Stay tuned in to next week's Brief where we explain more regarding the upcoming Update 11!

We are very thankful for all who participated in the previous 3 PTEs we’ve held for Update 11 and encourage you to do so again as we launch into the fourth and final PTE this week. We are close to finalising a lot of items so after next week there will be no more chances to participate prior to the release of the update.

We will be holding the final PTE on Thursday December 2nd at 11am GMT. For those who are new to PTE’s you’ll need to join the Discord and head over to the pte-update11 channel. If you get the time, feel free to join us in one last leg of testing to ensure we have the update primed and smooth as possible for release.

Autumn Sale & Steam Awards

... Read more

11 Nov

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A Short Message from Max (lead developer)
Hey everyone,

Welcome to Developer Briefing #153!

With the first PTE Open Public Test Environment for the upcoming Update 11 completed and another on the way, we have been busy taking note of the valuable player feedback and our own observations under this loaded environment to gather vital information on improvements and bug fixes as we head towards Update 11.

As previously mentioned we are very thankful for all whom participated in the PTE #1 and encourage you to do so again as we launch into PTE #2 this week. We are close to finalising a lot of items so there may be only one or two more chances to participate prior to the release of Update 11.

With that said, we will be holding another PTE today at 11am GMT and welcome those who are able to participate. For those who are new to PTEs you’ll need to join the ... Read more