07 Jun


  • [Shooting Range] - fixed a bug that caused players to become stuck in a loading screen when the host leaves during the PvP contract.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in being unable to hear other players speak through the in-game voice chat.
  • Fixed a bug where the self-revive button was visible even without having the Necromancer Trait equipped to your Hunter.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the “Show player names” option to not work as intended.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from equipping a saved loadout when the loadout contained a Legendary item, if you only had contraband versions in your inventory. Loadouts should equip as expected now.

~ The Hunt Team

01 Jun



We are so excited to unleash Update 1.13! We hope you'll enjoy and test everything out. Details about the next Event are not included on Test Server, so keep your eyes out on Social Media for more about that later!

Happy Testing!
~ The Hunt Team

New Feature – Shooting Range This update introduces the Shooting Range, a new space for players to test their loadouts. It also provides a safe environment to get accustomed to Hunt’s unique gunplay, alone or with a party of friends.

The Shooting Range takes players to a repurposed version of Fort Carmick, where they can find a collection of weapons, consumables, and traits to try out. The Shooting Range has 5 main areas: short, medium, and long-range shooting galleries... Read more

08 Mar

Hunters, the Patch Notes for Update 1.12 (Test Server) are below! Before you read through the details, there are some important topics we’d like to provide updates for:

Reload bug: We are happy to announce that the refactor of our ammo system has been completed! This means that the reload bug should be a thing of the past. This fix is included in the Test Server, so please, play around with it and give us your feedback!

Server Issues: We are aware that some people, especially in the Europe and Asia servers, are experiencing unusually high ping and packet loss. We are investigating these issues and apologize for the inconvenience. Please continue to report issues or changes.

Empty Lobbies: We noticed an unusually large number of empty matches during Devil's Moon. We were able to find the cause and make a quick adjustment to correct the issue. Since then, we have seen a decrease in empty matches, back to their previous level. Thank you f... Read more

28 Nov



Below are the notes for Update 1.11.

Before we get into the detailed notes, We wanted to provide an update regarding the persistent reload issues that have been encountered by many of you. As mentioned in a recent video update (which can be found on our social channels), we understand these issues have beenfrustrating and wanted to let you know that they are a top priority for us, and the team has been working to try and resolve them as quickly as possible.

Over the last few weeks (in the lead up to 1.11), we have attempted several fixes internally in the hope to resolve the issue. Despite our efforts, we have not found a solution that can be integrated into this update without causing other issues to appear in its place (for example, the Lemat bug/exploit from a few months ago).

Due to this, we have determined that a sy... Read more

29 Sep



The notes for Update 1.10 can be found below.

Please note, the known issues list will be provided once the update reaches the live servers.

New Consumable: Stalker Beetle
The Stalker Beetle is a new flying “character,” controlled by a Player in first person view. It is spawned and activated as a consumable. It adds reconnaissance capabilities to the arsenal. The Stalker Beetle is unlocked at Bloodline Rank 15 and costs $45.

  • The Stalker Beetle is activated by throwing them anywhere similar to a dynamite stick or a decoy
  • Throwing the Beetle starts a transition into its own camera view
  • While the Beetle is alive, the controlling ...
Read more

06 Jul


Here is a small update to 1.9 for the Test Server.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the death screen to display the wrong information.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Caldwell Conversion Uppercut Pair UI to display the wrong damage number.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Sparks iron sight to be misaligned.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the poison effect to display incorrectly when switching in spectator.

~ The Hunt Team

29 Jun



Update 1.9 is now Live on Test!

Player movement changes
  • Improvements made to local and remote player movement to address Desync issues.

Developer Note:

With this update, we have introduced some improvements to player movement in relation to issues around Desync.

Local improvements – these refer to improvements relating to your Hunter on your client. We have improved the error correction in game which should allow for faster and fairer feedback in those instances where desync can occur. The aim here is to reduce the instances of abrupt and unexpected teleports. However, it is important to note, bad network connectivity, latency or other network interru...
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26 Apr



Update 1.8.1 is now live on test server and with it comes our new Quest system - "Summons" as well as two new grunt AI variants. Full details can be found below.

New Quest System – "Summons"
This update brings a new Quest system to the Bayou! This feature will replace the Daily and Weekly Challenges and can be found in the progress section under the "Summons" tab. Players will have to complete quests to collect a new reward called "stars" - this is separate from the Trials stars and will have a different symbol. These quests will reset every Monday.

Each Quest will reward a number of stars (ranging from 1 to 6) as well as in-game reward (Hunt Dollars/Cons... Read more

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