22 Nov

Welcome back ghost hunters, we've got some news for you.

The autumn sale has now begun with a 20% discount! During this sale you can nominate your favourite games for an award and we would really appreciate your vote for this years Labor of Love award!

While we don't have any new content for you just yet, we are well into the beta testing for the update. We currently do not have an ETA however we hope to be able to give you one very soon!

We will soon have some development previews for you though so you can get a sneak peak into what the next update will have.

If you experience any issues or want to give feedback, please join the official Phasmophobia Discord: Read more

10 Nov

Welcome back ghost hunters, we've got some news for you.

The URP update is well under way and will soon enter beta testing. The update will be a major graphics overhaul and will improve the performance across all hardware, especially for the CPU.

Until then we will be releasing bug fix patches if there are any major bugs found so please keep reporting them.

The patch notes for this update are below. This includes a major change to how the save file was being backed up which should completely fix the issue where you needed to contact us for a new save file if your save file corrupted then reset.

  • Added a cloud backup for save files. If your save file corrupts it will now revert to this instead of a local file backup

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04 Nov

Welcome back ghost hunters, we've got some news for you.

The Halloween event has now ended! We hope everyone got their Halloween trophies in time.

Below are the patch notes which removes the Halloween event for this year.

  • Added a button in the journal to see the Unity privacy policy as well as a button to opt out of Analytics, opting out is permanent
  • Added Catalan language support for text and voice recognition

  • The bone will now spawn anywhere the ghost can walk to prevent it getting into unreachable locations
  • The Halloween event has now been removed and the trophy can no longer ...
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26 Oct

Welcome back, we've got some news for you.

As part of the Steam Scream Fest sale we have added an item bundle to the Steam Points shop so you can further customise your Steam profile.

During this sale Phasmophobia will also have a 20% discount!

Below is the current list of fixes we have ready for you, there are many other bugs still left to fix which we will be getting more patches out for soon while we work on alongside these fixes.

  • Hantu will no longer get exponentially faster if they enter a room between 3 and 6 Celsius
  • Moved a candy bucket in the upstairs bathroom on Ridgeview so VR players can reach it
  • Objects will no longer desync when a player leaves the game
  • Players will now disappear when they leave the game
  • ...
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22 Oct


  • The language filter now saves your previously selected language
  • Spirit is now selected in the journal by default
  • You can now sprint when dead, when sprinting is disabled
  • The distance walked and sprinted stat will no longer count movement when you are dead

  • Improved performance of the Anisotropic graphics setting
  • The bone will no longer spawn in an unreachable location if it spawns inside the large tents
  • When opening the Journal with a gamepad you will no longer navigate over to the main menu UI
  • Gamepads can now navigate the correct direction whe...
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18 Oct


  • The house fuse box switch now animates
  • If your save file corrupts and the backup fails to load it will now reset your save file

  • The ghost will no longer find non hosts if the host talked during a hunt
  • Significant CPU performance improvements
  • Player physics are now reverted back to before the last hotfix due to several issues
  • The private game screen will now correctly show “NA” instead of “US”
  • Cursed Possessions will now work for all players every game
  • The shop screen left loadout buttons will no longer be covered by the navigation arrows...
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01 Oct


  • Replaced the “change” button in difficulty selection with arrow buttons to make navigation easier
  • Moved the lamp, glowsticks, clipboards, and boombox in the lobby room so that VR players can reach them easier
  • Moved fuse box icons so they're easier to see on the map
  • Significant performance improvements to weather, especially light rain
  • Lowered the volume for heavy rain and thunder
  • You will now be defaulted to the first loadout
  • Adjusted the lined paper’s brightness
  • Player volumes now start at 50%

  • You will no longer get stu...
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27 Sep


  • Temporarily removed the reset save button until a warning gets added

  • You will no longer get a grey eye in VR when smooth monitor view is enabled
  • You will no longer be given free items
  • VR players can now click the server buttons to join games
  • Player volumes will no longer reset back to 100%
  • The heartbeat sound will now stop playing when you die
  • Server version is now displayed on the main menu
  • You can now select Arabic as a language filter
  • Thai player names will now be readable
  • Japanese and Arabic are now much more r...
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16 Jul


  • Spanish can now use Windows voice recognition
  • Brazilian Portuguese can no longer use Windows voice recognition

If you experience any issues or want to give feedback, please join the official Phasmophobia Discord :
The Kinetic Games Team

15 Jul

Welcome back ghost hunters, we've got some news for you.

Since changing to the new voice recognition system we have received amazing feedback for the new supported languages and platforms. With this feedback we have realised the new voice recognition didn't quite match the quality of the Windows voice recognition so we have decided to add optional support for the Windows voice recognition back in!

This update is a small but much needed update as all future content and fixes will be going into the custom difficulty update as it gets closer to release. It currently only supports Windows 10 and 11. You can read the patch notes below.

  • Added an option in the main menu to change back to the old windows voice recognition. This will only be available if your language and platform supports it.
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11 Jul


  • You can no longer light other players smudge sticks

  • The Phantom will now disappear when a photo is taken of it by non-hosts
  • Ghost footsteps will no longer stop spawning during hunts for fast ghosts
  • VR players can now hear the Truck footstep sounds
  • VR players can now grab objects when not connected to the server
  • Each Spirit Box will now have the same type of sounds
  • Fixed a bug where ghosts wouldn’t play footstep sounds on all surfaces they walked on
  • Fixed several issues related to the ghost not checking for players behind doors
  • ...
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25 Jun


  • Removed the extra chances to get a Deogen, Thaye and Moroi

  • Fixed an issue where some languages were getting the same responses on the spirit box and Ouija board for all questions asked
  • The Thaye will now answer questions correctly

If you experience any issues or want to give feedback, please join the official Phasmophobia Discord :
The Kinetic Games Team

15 Jun


  • Ghost footsteps now have different sounds depending on what the Ghost is walking on, similar to players

  • Updated Deogen weakness description to stop some confusion
  • Reduced the volume of the truck footstep sounds
  • Improved the rate that ghost footstep sounds play
  • Improvements to load times
  • Adjusted how the Thaye’s weakness works

  • The Thaye will now answer questions correctly
  • You ...
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28 Apr


  • Fingerprints on some Maple Lodge Campsite objects will now be the correct size
  • Ghosts will no longer get stuck outside of medium tents, when trying to kill a player
  • House candles will now work correctly
  • Ghosts will no longer get stuck in the wrong animation during events and hunts
  • Tent windows now have the correct textures
  • Held candles and lighters will no longer blow out if the host walked outside in heavy rain
  • Playing without VR with SteamVR installed will no longer auto close the game after the SteamVR inactivity timer (default 10 minutes)

If you experience any issues or want to give feedback, please join the official Phasmophobia Discord : ... Read more

23 Apr


  • Candle and lighter flames will now render on top of all objects
  • Sink water splashes ripples will now render on top of sink water
  • Dirty water will now render its murky texture correctly
  • Your sprint stamina will now drain correctly on the main menu

If you experience any issues or want to give feedback, please join the official Phasmophobia Discord :
The Kinetic Games Team

21 Apr


  • Further improved water / dirty water effects to increase distinction between the two
  • Really removed the eggs in Bleasdale and Grafton this time...
  • The Greek font has been changed to be more readable. An update soon will fix the multiple font issues on most languages

  • The flame shader will no longer render after some opaque geometry
  • You can no longer pull small tent doors a long way
  • Tent doors now rotate with your hand in VR
  • Improved tarot card and maple basketballs held position in VR
  • Throwing a tarot card no longer floats away when thrown...
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20 Apr


  • Added a cooler box hiding spot outside the cabin
  • Ghosts can now leave fingerprints on locker doors

  • Removed the Easter egg hunt
  • Optimised several Maple Lodge Campsite textures to lower RAM usage
  • Adjusted the Tanglewood basement hiding spot to help it be more consistent
  • The VR voice toggle button is now on the right controller (The controls screen will be updated in the next patch)
  • Grabbing the journal and walkie talkie in VR is now much easier in VR
  • Optimized the mesh that fingerprints use
  • Small tent doors are now easier to gr...
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15 Apr

Easter is upon us!
  • Each location now has several Easter eggs to hunt and find!
  • You can track how many eggs are left to find under the map image in the truck
  • Finding all of them in the location will restore each team members’ sanity to 100%
  • This event will last until April 19th
Happy Huntin’!

(Egg colours are not synced in multiplayer but will still function correctly)

  • Added a visual indicator for PC (bottom left) and VR (belt) when using toggle voice

  • Increased the brightness of the CCTV night vision in Prison
  • VR...
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13 Apr


  • Flipped the Edgefield basement door
  • Flipped the Willow basement stairwell door
  • Flipped the Willow bathroom door
  • Adjusted a light switch fingerprint that was too similar to the Obake unique fingerprint
  • Adjusted the dirty water material to be more obvious
  • All doors in Willow now have the same material
  • Moved the Willow dining table and added some more kitchen assets to help with empty areas
  • Changed the crouch button on VIVE wands to now be 'up’ on the trackpad, to prevent an issue where you would have to turn to crouch
  • The Edgefield truck map has been rotated to be consistent with other maps
  • The VR teleport beam visuals have been improved
  • The VR teleport blink fa...
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07 Apr


  • Added Velcro to the small tent doors to help you see where to grab them in VR
  • Added up and down scroll arrows to the item store for VR to replace the scroll bar. Other scroll bars will be replaced in another update

  • Lowered the delay for taking photos in quick succession from 3s to 1s
  • Sanity pills are no longer a consumable when used

  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't place DOTS Projectors and Motion Sensors on walls
  • ...
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