07 Mar

PDXOxycoon said: I want to continue on the Minorities project. Make sure to let Trinexx know how much you all want it, so @Wokeg and I can get the resources to see it realised!

Also do this for Menagerie but accompany it with pictures of your pets so they're more attention-grabbing and thus will be seen more often by everyone, thus naturally b... Read more
riadach said: Don't forget the horsies. I always get annoyed when I'm told I have a warhorse yet cannot see him/her. Especially now that we use horses to travel on tours etc.

That was actually one of our stated goals, to make any system we have at least somewhat expandable. For all those non-modders out there, the current process of adding new pets - insofar as the idea of a new pet really exists in CK3 as it stands, given they're essentially just story cycles with unique modifiers - is finicky and pretty high-effort, and contained entirely within s... Read more
Flockingbird said: P.S. Regarding Medieval Menagerie: back around December or so, we had a new poster who asked for exactly what you’ve described (and got laughed at)—did y’all see that post? It wasn’t one of you devs trolling the forum, was it? :p (I’ll try to find that post when I have time to search.)

Haha, not quite. I think I briefly mentioned in the video that whilst the Menagerie in this format was put forward by me, the idea behind expandi... Read more

27 Feb

sandwich8 said: GNU TERRY PRATCHETT

Also, is that -2 to -4 development per month??

GNU Pterry

It's not a flat rate like that! It _can_ be in certain cases, but don't expect every epidemic to chunk off 3 development per month. We have a new effect in Development Decline, so it'll be something you won't have experienced before as a player.  

15 Jun

KlausMaster said: I'm so glad Wards and Wardens won the poll, that really restored my faith in this community.

Villains & Vagabonds should've won dammit! I'll never forgive any of you!  
Inspecta said: Since this pack also focuses on raising a child, will there be a "favoritism" mechanics?

To put it simply - you play as Denethor, you absolutely adore Boromir, but you hate Faramir with your guts, even if he's your last heir. This kind of favoritism.

Not a mechanic as such; we try to leave how much you favour your kids in the player's hands without something like a 'designate favourite kid' button or the like. It's simply easier to let the player bully their offspring in a natural and gameplay-focused manner, y'see.

Crusade... Read more
BrotherJonathan said: Are you planning to rebalance any other traits with this update? Right now Shy is basically a death sentence because almost every possible action gives you stress.

We'll be accompanying this DLC with a patch as per usual so there's bits and pieces of rebalancing that'll be done, though I don't think there's anything specifically targetting Shy here. I will say we do try to keep it in mind and throw traits like Shy and Paranoid a bone when making events, however, and I can think of at least a few in this pack that are explicitly Shy-friend... Read more
X_FloW said: Are the other packs that were voted out "Love & Lust" and the other one still coming later?

We did say at the time you were voting for one of them! You shoulda campaigned harder if you wanted one of the other two! :p With that said, there's no guarantee you won't see them in the future either. They're good concepts and all of them would be worthy additions to the game. If and when we do more Event Packs, we might do another vote in the future, we might... Read more

11 May

Tschobo said: What. That wasn't promised. You people promised more wolves and not fewer with the seduction attempts.

Worst Patch Ever!

Let this be your hard-earnt lesson to Never Trust Wokeg.  

11 Apr

MaironHWH said: You’ve got the maxed-out Hastiluder trait twice there, where I think you only want it the second time, we don’t actually have an image of the base trait.

Give it a refresh! :)  

04 Apr

L + Ratio + more like Love & Losers amirite  

21 Feb

Spaninq said: What I've gotten out of this is that we now have homework assigned to figure out who these *historical* characters are, then we can maybe, *maybe* figure out what interaction links them.

I imagine it's *possible* to find them, but a real pain to sift through all the various characters, especially if they're unlanded

There's more than one teaser in this dev diary, as it happens. More than two, even. Some might be more subtle than others...  

27 Jan

Look, Villains & Vagabonds may not have won as it should have, but it did beat Love & Lust and I think that's something we can all appreciate. Literally all of us. Not a single person who doesn't.  

17 Jan

Lord Porkchop said: Do I see the Great Wall of China?
Also I vote for Wards and Wardens
The Great Bridge of China?!  

17 Nov

Don't mind me, just lurking aggressively  

01 Nov

04 Oct

Vegetalss4 said: The floorplan picture amuses me, that's a fun way to visualize the mentioned subjects.

However I notice that there isn't any doors leading into the Caucasus/Tibet section of the house, wonder if anyone ever pointed that out to whomever made the floorplan image you used for this.
The Caucasus and Tibet section of the house is where they lock Wokeg and me respectively. The lack of doors is, I'm told, deliberate, and they feed us through throwing us food from a hole in the wall. Today is cinnamon bun day!  

06 Sep

FoolManChoo said: I'm a bit hyped for this DLC. So much so, I kinda quickly skimmed through your very first DD Noodle... sorry! I didn't want to spoil my future playthroughs. ;)
How could you do this to me  
Yep, sorry folks, give the page a refresh. Should be working now!  
Chip Block said: no patch notes? :(

Not in this DD I'm afraid! We'll furnish you all with them in due course though, don't worry. :)