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This was great! Some TF2 flashbacks with those silly reactions! Made my cold heart thaw for a moment and remember what being alive was like! I could taste colors! I smell almonds! I'M HAVING A HEART ATTACK! 10/10 would watch again.

30 May

22 May


Upvoting for cool art. I dunno about balance. What am I a rocket scientist? Forgeetaaboutit.


I briefly got BFR’s into Planetside 2. But then they found it and had it removed. RIP indar Easter eggs.

11 May


You are worthy of Vanus' legacy!

spoiler: It's a chuk-e-cheese ball pit.

03 May


Originally posted by MilesEternam

I made a Dagoth Ur one not too long ago. Hit me up and I can guide you through making your own via discord streaming.

Come. Lay down your weapons. It is not too late for my mercy!


Originally posted by Wolfran13

I meant it as direction of movement, I think. front/back

Ah thank you, that will be fixed in the next update.

02 May


Originally posted by Wolfran13

Running against (touching) either edge of a Bulwark wall from behind, towards the front makes the character clip into it (get stuck while moving), eventually falling through the ground, from the front also clips but doesn't make the character fall through.

Hi! I've resolved the flipped normals on the back side end-braces. Can you give me more info where in the front there is collision issues? The collision mesh looks normal to me. Screenshots would be super helpful thanks!

25 Apr


Originally posted by ps2veebee


Is the infantry tunnel a it-creates-a-hole-and-goes-underground tunnel, or a "skinny Sunderer garage"?

Good on Mirror Bay being destroyed

Good on streamlining ANT upgrades, HUD stuff, and other QoL

I can't hack through walls now? I'll miss my ninja hacks from under staircases.

Still uneasy about how the new construction balance will play out - still room for vehicle players to avoid taking a direct fight and just shell the base to death, but there are plenty of new toys to play with and I appreciate that Cortium is not a maintenance task now

I anticipate farming air by buffing a turret with some modules and just sitting there tanking everything they throw at me

Above ground tunnel with half height and full height cover and bollards to stop vehicles. Won’t be parking a Sunday in it but it will provide cover to move from point to point and fight from. You’ll see it soon.


Originally posted by Hell_Diguner

When an outpost is captured by an opposing faction, construction objects within 100 meters are converted to the capturing faction. Players who previously owned these objects have their placement limits freed up so that they can build elsewhere.

But who owns the flipped objects, and thus, who can deconstruct these flipped objects?

Constructs have enormous health, so we cannot friendly fire them to death without getting weapons locked. This is something players can and will exploit if we think we're going to lose the capture timer. We'll sabotage the base by placing structures in bad places, and it will royally suck if conquerors don't have a a reasonable way to undo this.

I do. All your base are belong to us. Make your time….


Originally posted by fedora001

"Spotlights attached to construction objects (like those at the Infantry Tower,) now count as Darklights for the purposes of revealing cloaked targets."

Infil mains aren't gonna like this one

Every infiltrator will be hide the pain Harold as they read these notes.


Originally posted by ItzAlphaWolf

I have a few questions:
Are building placement limits going to change? As of right now you can really only place a few items per person (Example: You can only place one turret of each type). Obviously there are some things you want limited per person, but we should get the ability to place more than one of the new utility buildings like the awning

Any changes to building placement? When you made your door ramp post you said "And we're adding ramps like this to ensure if the terrain at the front is higher than the back there's still easy access.". Will there be a greater distance between the green and blue nodes to ease in placement over uneven terrain? I see bridge placement being the biggest issue with wide gaps causing issues with the current system. Will the new items be more forgiving?

Yeah we are tweaking the skirt depth for allot of buildings to be as generous as we can. It’s an ongoing process but bigger buildings will always be more limited in their placement than a small blast wall.

24 Apr

11 Apr


Originally posted by soEezee

Can we put the ramp on it?

Can’t put props on props but ya can put it at the end or under it.


Originally posted by TempuraTempest

WOW. Can you climb around all over this thing? I like the idea that construction can be more than just fortifications. It can also be an offensive tool. I wonder about the possibility to place structures like this without needing a nearby silo?? It could be handy to make infantry cover for base attacks as well.

It’s a vehicle bride. Wide enough to deploy a colossus tank on. Long enough to span a big gap and tall enough to bridge the deep valleys of Indar.


Originally posted by SomeRandomTrSoldier

Way it looks, will bridge supports adjust to terrain or clip into it?

The end supports are clipped into the terrain in this shot but go down as far as the mid supports.


Originally posted by SomeRandomTrSoldier

Way it looks, will bridge supports adjust to terrain or clip into it?

Clip into it. Don’t have tech to have them dynamically adjust but the arc support design should look better clipping into terrain than just vertical supports and a flat span.


Originally posted by Longbow92

I feel this might be a pain in the ass to place if there so happens to be anything as small as an ammo pack in the same postcode.

Is the placement boundaries in general getting a rework? Like instead of a giant box, will it be changed to conform around the collision box of the object?

(also excuse the 2-minute paint I cooked up, lol.)

But yeah, I always had issues like in the image where it's hard to place an object, like, while it is physically possible to do so without it colliding with another object, I can't place it because of the said current placement rules.

The supports should allow you to lower the. Bridge part flush with the ground or above. As long as both ends are over terrain it’ll handle gaps smaller than this, it’ll just have more lead in before ya get to the gap. Please play with it once it gets to PTS and provide us with feedback. 😇


Originally posted by ApolloPS2

Note: banana is at the bottom of the left post (in the riverbed looking canal thingy).

This soldier knows their tropical fruit! Good job!


Originally posted by Bliitzthefox

Please add a banana to one of the construction models, somewhere.

I seek it

It should be a grenade you can throw that leaves a peal that causes players to slip. I won’t have it any other way.

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