15 Jan

19 Dec

1st shot: Fantastic tracking.

2nd shot: Little bit of luck, little bit of skill? We'll say mostly skill.

3rd shot: *chef's kiss*

17 Dec

2XP Infected: Final Stand in Multiplayer

The undead have taken over this week’s 2XP Featured Playlist with Infected: Final Stand! If you haven’t played this Black Ops 4-exclusive twist on the classic party game, here’s a quick primer:

  • Teams alternate between survivors and zombies each round.
  • Zombies have limited lives and win by eliminating all survivors within the time limit.
  • Survivors win by eliminating all Zombies or surviving until the end of the round.
  • Survivors choose from pre-set classes, have only one life, and can be revived by team...
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16 Dec

Pick a weapon bribe not working

4 months ago - /u/treyarch_official on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Fixed earlier today! Let us know if you're still seeing the issue after restarting the game.

Originally posted by Eltorius

The Pick-A-Weapon Bribe timer is still present. I was able to get a Bribe when it initially refreshed but now it's locked.

EDIT: The timer is gone but it still says "PURCHASED", and I can't get another one.

The fix for this went live earlier today -- let us know if you're still seeing the issue after restarting.

10 Dec

Unlimited Pick-a-Weapon Bribe

Ready to earn more Black Market weapons? Starting today, we’re removing the limit on the Pick-a-Weapon Bribe in Blackjack’s Shop for a limited time, so you can unlock as many weapons as you’d like for 50 Reserve Cases per Bribe, including the new MicroMG 9mm SMG and Eye of Apophis amulet weapon.

As a reminder, each Pick-a-Weapon Bribe contains a weapon of your choice in a Crate that also includes 2 Reserve items, along with a bonus of 5 Duplicate-Protected Crates for 15 additional Reserve items, all in exchange for 50 Reserve Cases. This bundle allows p...

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26 Nov

Originally posted by BraddNic

Is hot and heavy a quads moshpit?


Blackout Update: Hot & Heavy Moshpit + Duos Return

First up, Blackout news! After a few rounds of testing LTM moshpits and rotating playlists to keep wait times low across all regions, we’ve collected enough data to plan what’s next for Blackout. We’re happy to announce that we’re expanding the playlist selection on consoles today, and we’ll be keeping them in place for the foreseeable future. This selection includes:

  • Hot & Heavy Moshpit (Hot Pursuit and Heavy Metal Heroes)
  • Alcatraz Quads
  • Quads
  • Du...
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19 Nov

Quads Moshpit v2 in Blackout

This week’s new Quads Moshpit v2 is now live in Blackout, featuring a mix of Hot Pursuit, Pandemic, Hardcore Quads, and Close Quarters Frenzy – and yes, it should be a true Moshpit this time around! After encountering an issue with last week’s Duos Moshpit that started most matches in Hardcore Duos, we believe we’ve fixed the problem today. Players will continue to be placed into the lobby closest to starting a match, and chances of playing any of the four available modes should now be evenly split.

For our Duos-only players, standard Duos...

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15 Nov

We deployed a fix for this earlier today -- please us know if you're still not seeing it after restarting the game.

14 Nov

This will be fixed shortly. Apologies, and thanks for the report!

12 Nov

Black Market Revamp: Earn Weapons and Items in Blackjack’s Shop

We’re excited to roll out today’s new Black Market revamp that gives all Black Ops 4 players new direct paths to earning new weapons and rewards through gameplay. Here’s what you’ll see when you visit Blackjack’s Shop today:

  • Pick-a-Weapon Bribe: Trade in 50 Reserve Cases to unlock a weapon of your choice from a Crate that also includes 2 Reserve items, along with a bonus of 5 Duplicate-Protected Crates for 15 additional Reserve items. Choose from a selection of base weapons, Mastercraf...
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07 Nov

Weekly 2XP Playlist in Multiplayer

Starting today, each week’s showcased Featured Playlist will offer 2XP in Multiplayer, so everyone can rank up twice as fast in Nuketown through Nov. 12th when 2XP Stockpile comes into rotation, and so on. Nuketown will remain a permanent playlist in the Featured Playlist section and we’ll have something new to play for 2XP every Tuesday going forward, so check back regularly to see what’s new on the menu.

Blackout Quads Restored


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Bring quads back please!!!!

5 months ago - /u/treyarch_official on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Quads are back! Restart to make sure you've got the latest playlist update.

We're fixing this! The Quads playlist is going back in, and Daily Contracts will line up with available modes. Apologies for the temporary mix-up.

05 Nov

Originally posted by Potent_Delusions

Bring back REGULAR QUADS please. It's what me and my crew play. It's our main playlist. I don't think we will be playing much longer without it and we adore Blackout. Normal solo, duos, and quads should be permanent full stop. Please.

We got you. The core Quads playlist is coming back soon, and we'll keep it running weekly while we rotate between Duos/Solo in the 4th playlist slot going forward. Our goal is to have a playlist for everyone at all times, whether you play in teams, with a friend, or as a lone wolf. We'll let everyone know when our upcoming playlist update goes live... stand by.

Fixed! Had to sort out a quick server issue for the new update.

30 Oct

We're addressing the Echohawk's recoil pattern, burst fire speed, and maximum damage in our next update on Nov. 5th, as well as increasing the max damage on the AN-94. Watch for patch notes next week!

29 Oct

Originally posted by iLikepizza42

Does this fix zero’s numbers outfit being unable to be equipped?

This will be fixed in our Nov. 5th update as well. Full patch notes coming next week!

Infected: Final Stand and Pandemic Return This Week

Halloween is almost upon us, and that means it’s time to stalk your enemies as the undead! This week, we’re bringing Infected: Final Stand to MP and Pandemic to Blackout to celebrate the spookiest time of the year. If you didn’t get a chance to play these creepy limited-time modes during Operation Apocalypse Z, check out the ...

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28 Oct

Congrats!! Now get some sleep and enjoy the climb to 1000. ;)

22 Oct

Originally posted by TheJaysAndLeafsDude

You guys should bring back the Zombies game mode in Multiplayer, ya know cause it’s Halloween?

We like the way you think.

Originally posted by iLikepizza42

Does this fix zero’s numbers outfit not being available?

Coming in our next major update along with plenty of other improvements and fixes. We'll let everyone know when it's almost here and you'll see it in the patch notes when it's live.

Originally posted by Zantku

Hope you finally fixed the evolution of the Helion as well. The only gun I can't evolve its Dark Matter.

This one's coming in our next code update... check out the last paragraph of the post above for more details.