16 Mar

    xKiCkx on Steam - Thread - Direct
Can't say that we don't work fast. Hotfix v2 is up and running!
Also we have heard your concerns about the dial lock and fatigue gain, and have made some adjustments to balance it out. We will continue to monitor the situation and make adjustments according to your feedback so keep it rolling.

  • Fixed the issue where wet bedrolls weight would be too high.
  • Fixed the issue where dial lock combination would randomize when placed on some slots.
  • Fixed the bug where dial lock SFX would play while trying to guess the combination.
  • Fixed the issue where sometimes you could not interact with bedrolls.
  • Fixed...
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15 Mar

    xKiCkx on Steam - Thread - Direct
Hello everyone, happy Wednesday! You've been patient so let's get to the update!

First of all we have a return of another vehicle, bicycles are back. Both the city bike and the mountain bike.

Adjusted to the modular vehicles model, the bicycles work similarly to motorbikes with an obvious difference. The bicycle engine is you. So get ready, stretch those hamstrings, and pedal away... Read more

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