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Sorry to disappoint. :(

I sympathize - there are lots of game devblogs I check weekly and it is disheartening when there is a long quiet period, not to mention the Unturned II quiet period has been *very* long.

To avoid unduly raising anyone's hopes I have been trying to be better about "show don't tell" and "actions speak louder than words". I do not want to waste anyone's time. The next time there is news about Unturned II it should ideally be "here is a fun beta worth playing" and iterate upon that, rather than "the boring beta has a physically correct day/night cycle".

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Don't worry about it Nelson, I've been an Unturned player and a supporter of yours pretty much since day 1 of release on steam back in like 2014. When Unturned 3.0 came out I was doing the same thing I was doing now pretty much, every Friday on the steam page checking what was updated. 1.6k hours in U3.0 and 10 hours in u2 already even with the lack of content lol. I think you're doing a fine job, but I also think the general consensus among most people is that they'd rather see something is happening regarding active development of the game, even if it's something you think is boring like the day night cycle (which is very cool, btw).

I personally really enjoy the posts where you go over the specific challenges and hurdles you encounter while developing, or how you're working on the backend to make it more efficient and performance than unturned 3.0. Stuff like the denizen rig saga was really interesting imo lol

Is there anything you'd be willing to share regarding recent development?

Thanks for your longtime support! I am happy to hear you enjoyed those kinds of behind-the-scenes posts - I like those posts from other devs as well. If there is a definitive "the game is going well and will be actually released" then I would go back to those posts.

For what it's worth I will say that I did a few days work on II this past week, but I do not want to get anyone's hopes up. Unturned will also be improved further.