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31 Jul


Anecdotes from the past month of gamedev.


There was an Unturned update with some features for future maps, and Yarrrr retired from the community. Then I w...

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28 Jul

21 Jul


Cyprus uses assets from Greece. You cannot play on the Cyprus map without Greece installed. You can check from the Steam Workshop mod page to see mod dependencies for the Workshop content that you install.

For example, the Workshop page for the Cyprus Survival map lists that Greece is a required dependency: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1647986053

20 Jul


Some providers require using an app to configure. For example, Google WiFi can only be configured from the Google Home app (as far as I'm aware).

16 Jul

Anniversary giveaway winner, base-building contest winners, and a fare-thee-well to a community veteran and administrator.

A very short and brief blogpost to recap some anniversary events from last week. For a recap of the past year, you can check out one of our previous blogposts.

Anniversary Contest Winners

From July 7 to July 9, we hosted events for chances to win special mythical hats! There was a random giveaway, and a base building contest.

Players submitted a variety of different bases! From cozy freeform huts to shelter from harsh weather, to beachside lounging to catch the sun. We had traditional honeycombed designs, bases built along the map's edge, and massive towers. Festive, colorful mansions to live within, and gigantic mega...

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Originally posted by RelevantAd1821

It still stuck in when it suppose to be in

The version listed under maps does not correspond with the latest game version. You most likely have the latest version of the Elver map.

14 Jul

07 Jul


Reflecting on the past year.

Thank you for another great year in the Unturned community! We have now been out of early access (4 years) for longer than the early access period (3 years)! This past year saw 35 updates bringing a variety of major content and features to the game:

Reviewing Major Announcements

Elver Released

Danaby and Renaxon shook up the gameplay in really interesting ways. This kickstarted a lot of innovation in the map projects to experiment and establish unique identities. I think this cemented my role as the programmer for the game designers. Albeit I need to prioritize some of the critical foundation rewrites before the new ...

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Today is the anniversary of Unturned on Steam! Come celebrate with us, for a chance to win a mythical in-game cosmetic.

Waving player standing next to

Hello, survivors! Today is a special day for us, as it marks the anniversary of Unt...

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Originally posted by danaby2

Its backwards tho

u rite

30 Jun


Anecdotes from the past month of gamedev.

This feels like a monthly report to my boss (the Unturned community). "Uh oh what did I work on again? I promise I was not being lazy!" Though I did play a lot of Frostpunk after picking it up on the Steam summer sale.


Unfortunately there was no clear winner of the character design debate. There has also been a lot...

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Originally posted by KarmaWSYD

304930 is for the game, not the server... You shouldn't be doing anything related to it.

Just to piggyback off this slightly, the Unturned Dedicated Server app's AppID is 1110390.


We no longer support VR map editing on the latest Unturned build (and haven't for years), but this cosmetic item is still obtainable through registering other certain VR games/apps on your Steam account. You could probably deduce the specific game that granted you the item, if you look at your recent game activations/purchases.


I'm going to link to the official documentation. Specifically, I have provided you with a link to the documentation on Asset Bundles.

This page contains various sections. If you're inexperienced with modding, just focus on the section about master bundles – the other information is generally not going to apply to you, and are not that important. Content bundles are deprecated and documentation is only kept for legacy support, and individual asset bundles are just an alternative for people needing a quicker iteration time during a fast development cycle.

Now, it sounds like you might be brand new to modding. There are a handful ...

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29 Jun