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29 May


Looks neat! Congrats on your first mod :)


Originally posted by No_Base9939

Am I dreaming?? Is that you really ??!! First of all I want to thank you for that wonderful game really many thanks mate you deserve all the love of this world your game accompanied me since I was 14 and now I showed it to my wife and we were editing Russia together mate many thanks <3 and no I did duplicate the file into unturned directory but actually it merged i don’t know how or why with the actual Russia folder Unfortunately I didn’t want to upload it till i finished it completely I actually try to get some older versions into the temp files but no luck so far … Sorry for my broken english Sincerely, The #1 Unturned Enjoyer in France 🇫🇷 / Morocco 🇲🇦

Thanks for your kind words and longtime support! I always feel honored to hear when players have grown up with Unturned.

That is bizarre it would lose the object changes like that. Unfortunately without knowing why it did that I don't have any suggestions, but for what it's worth going forward I would suggest either:

  1. (more work, but more powerful) Using version control with your map, for example Git (free). I use Git for Unturned's versioning. It lets you undo/redo changes and keep a history of all your work on a project.
  2. Copying the map folder from Unturned/Maps into a separate backup location each day that you work on the map.

Sorry not to have an answer why the object changes were lost.

28 May

26 May


Were you editing the Russia map directly? That is to say, not editing a copy with a different file name? :(

You mention no backups, but did you upload it to the workshop at any point?

21 May


A map's version does not directly correspond to a game version. They're separate.

17 May

15 May


Are there errors in the server console?

13 May

30 Apr


Unturned supports controllers and other devices through Steam Big Picture Mode. Use Big Picture Mode and configure your controls as necessary.

13 Apr

04 Apr


I've received some concerned requests about this, so to clarify for anyone else reading:

There's no need to worry. Servers can specify a thumbnail image URL for the in-game server browser to display. In this case likely a player in China hosting a server used a Chinese image hosting website for their image URL, and this player's anti-virus classified that Chinese domain as a threat. It's the same as if you used an English website like imgur to host your own server's thumbnail and a Chinese anti-virus classified it as malware.

10 Mar


Originally posted by MineRaft47

what's this? you just chop down a tree then use the logs (3 of them) to make log foundation.

what you looked up is for metal floor, in which case craft 4 scrap into 2 metal sheets and then go under base to make a "metal foundation"

I think they actually looked up the Unturned 2.x (classic) crafting recipes, which is practically just a different game. Back in 2014, building included more crafting ingredients (e.g. crafting plates, frames, and supports first).

u/HentaiLordCliche – the crafting menu in-game will show you recipes you have at least one ingredient of. E.g., if you have a log you can see all the structure pieces.

Alternatively, you can use the official wiki to look up recipes. https://wiki.smartlydressedgames.com/wiki/Floor

08 Mar


Originally posted by CptObvious_42

Ok thanks, We just tested and it seems that with the default port it works, if a custom port is used the problem reappears…

Some possibilities, in no particular order:

  • You didn't specify the custom starting port in your server's Commands.dat.
  • The ports you're wanting to use are blocked by your firewall.
  • The ports you're wanting to use are blocked by your ISP.
  • The ports you're wanting to use are already being used by something else.

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