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12 Jan


Originally posted by hox_useless

three ports? huh alright ill try, also hi molton, havent seen you talk before!

(ps: 3 ports? there isnt a 3rd option other than TCP and UDP) could you elaborate?

To clarify, my suggestion was that you port forward three separate times. 27015 as start/end for the first, 27016 as start/end for second, and 27017 for start/end for the third.


27015 should be starting and ending ports. Create three port rules, one for each port.

04 Jan


Originally posted by TheBestPersonEver69

This same happened to me like two days ago, but i think we have to just wait for Our God The Holy Nelson to fix it

I just double-checked this on Russia with the Annushka and it did not explode when switching perspectives. Does it happen consistently on a specific map / vehicle?

If using modded items one potential problem is if the clothes are setup to collide with vehicles.

02 Jan


Any workshop content that has been banned for breaking Steam policies.

01 Jan

31 Dec


Looking ahead to the new year.

For 2020 along with the regular updates I completed three big refactors that had been on the to-do list for a long time: foliage streaming, network transport layers, and support for uGUI. This has me feeling optimistic (aside from Unity frustrations...) for refactoring in 2021 with one particular goal in mind: eliminating multiplayer "lag lines".

Currently in multiplayer the game has awful lag spikes / hitches / stutters when loading large bases on the client. A lot of players refer to this as "lag lines" because there is no hysteresis - walking back and forth across a grid cell boundary repeatedly destroys and reloads bases.

The core problem is that all barricades and structures in a region are synced in a single frame. The server has to send a lot of data all at once, and the client stalls the game thread to process it and instantiate all of the objects. This is currently necessary becaus...

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30 Dec


There isn't a debug menu, but it sounds like you're thinking of the devkit map editor.

27 Dec


Originally posted by JustARegulaNerd

Corrected Answer
MoltonMontro stated the reason the values don't add up is because the Mythical 3% chance is independent to the rest of the items (3% chance of getting a mythical, if you don't get it, then 20% chance at an Epic item, 75% chance at a Rare item, and 5% chance at a Legendary item).

Short Answer
Either there is some serious issues with how the game is rounding, or there is actually something wrong with the droprates. The rare items should be approximately 5.14% (72% for the category) instead of 5.36% (75% for the category).

If you assume each item has a 1 in 22 chance, then this should be the chances:

Category Percentage
Mythical 4.54545%...
Legendary 18.18181%...
Epic 13.63636%...
Rare 63.63636%...
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The current percentages are correct. Mythical chance is a separate factor in addition to the base rarity. 75 + 20 + 5 = 100. This is only true for old presents/boxes.

Newer presents/boxes have an equal chance for any item (100 = 100). Mythical chance is separate. Additional item chance is separate.

25 Dec

Festive tidings, and happy holidays! A creator spotlight and more, in this very merry blog post.

Creator Spotlight: Rooslahn

This creator spotlight is dedicated to Rooslahn, and everyone else who has helped with putting together his "Left Behind" cinematic roleplay series on Unturned console edition. The first season ended earlier this month, and Rooslahn has been releasing teasers and scenes for a Season 2.

"Left Behind" scene 1 – a 2020 Christmas teaser.

He has "always loved video games, [and loves] to entertain people". There is genuine passion behind what he loves, and genuine appreciation for those that have helped him along the way. Console edition is definitely an interesting choice for the project, and to give Rooslah...

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18 Dec


Suffice it to say, the glazier update did not go as smoothly as planned.

This month I had been planning to work on AI interaction in Unturned II aiming for some survival gameplay by the end of the year. Unfortunately the glazier update was followed by a stressful week of crunching to patch issues and address feedback, and then a sad week adding optional support for IMGUI as a fallback for players experiencing Unity bugs. Unturned is probably the only Unity game that fully supports both IMGUI and uGUI... not a fun accolade.

The next devlog will be delayed until hopefully sometime in January. I will take a bit of time off and catch up on a few miscellaneous tasks, but there ought to be another couple blog posts to wrap up the year.

16 Dec

12 Dec


Hey Teoras, what a blast to the past!

For what it's worth I would like to apologize for our toxic behavior as /u/IAmSixSyllables pointed out. It was rude of me to talk over you, and I should have not have let Phil treat you that way - whether it meant asking him to stop or breaking association with him.

At the beginning of the video I think I was complaining about the larger server capacities Roblox was beta testing. There was a higher-tier of subscription that allowed you to enable them for your game which was a big purchase for me at the time, but they were dealing with stability issues. It's weird looking back on this from the other perspective now that Unturned players want bigger server capacities, and I have to work on improving stability for that.

Regarding the map: I think these were some buildings Phil was ...

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11 Dec

09 Dec


You installed the PTR branch of the game. Switch to the main branch from Unturned -> Properties... -> Betas instead.

  1. If the mod creator has made it so that they can spawn on the map you're playing on, they'll spawn.

  2. If you're playing on a custom map that has manually added spawns for that modded content, they'll spawn.

  3. If you downloaded a mod that specifically adds spawn tables for that modded content, they'll spawn (assuming the spawn tables are relevant to whatever map you're playing on).

If it can spawn, the mod author will usually specify so in the mod description.

07 Dec


The issue is that you're trying to use a Steam group when many servers only use dynamic groups, which are made in-server and not through Steam.

04 Dec

When do they post?

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