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A similar question was asked on our official forums. https://forum.smartlydressedgames.com/t/map-editor-update-teaser-i-have-no-words/18895/51?u=moltonmontro

In short, the new equivalent is the "Auto" brush tool. Baking materials across the entire map in one action swoop is no longer available. Foliage can still be baked in a similar-ish manner.

26 May

17 May


I know this is a meme, but in all seriousness this is probably just an issue that stems from your monitor resolution. Or perhaps, if you use custom Desktop icon scaling. The actual icon isn't missing those pixels.

13 May


Originally posted by FarisFrontiers

Well, this is the lastest guide I've found about this topic. I've yet to find a proper guide that tells us how to do this properly with multiple songs though

Uploading a folder with one file to the Steam Workshop is exactly the same as uploading a folder that contains a hundred files. The guide that you've linked would work just fine for multiple songs.


That isn't an Unturned feature. It's a feature tied to whatever third-party overlay you downloaded and enabled.

Such as FPS Monitor, NVIDIA GeForce Experience in-game overlay, Radeon Overlay, MSI Afterburner on-screen display, RTSS...

I don't recognize the specific overlay you're using, but that's most likely what you have enabled here.

11 May

10 May


Originally posted by Webber192

Wait is it actually that little? Out of so many players its only that little?

Any achievement that is added to any game post-launch will always have a weirdly low acquirement %. Percentages are out of everyone who has ever owned the game -- not active players at the time of its addition. For some games, that's out of tens of millions of players.

Technically all of the game's achievements were added a while after the initial EA launch onto Steam, but these curated map achievements in particular are especially recent. It's the same reason why Kuwait and Arid have rare achievements.

03 May


Originally posted by Entire-Sea-4330

wait there is easy difficulty?

For single-player, you can configure your difficulty settings from the same menu you select the map you want to join.

For multiplayer, you can filter for servers based on difficulty.


You can find the spawn IDs of any official/vanilla item on the Unturned wiki, at the bottom of the item page's infobox. For example, the item ID of a Metal Sheet is 68.


To clarify, are you asking where you can find map items? If so, you can find Charts at campgrounds, and GPSes at military locations.

Some curated maps (e.g., Arid) will always provide a chart view. Additionally, playing on the Easy difficulty will also always provide a chart view. You can also configure custom difficulty settings that provide you with a chart view and/or satellite view.

01 May


Originally posted by danaby2

im making a snowy map right now loosely based on the nordic regions and i need some name ideas (only requirement is it has to start with the letter F)

I'm in favor of Fffff.

24 Apr


First, you need to open the Devkit interface with the backtick key (also called the tilde key).

21 Apr


For single-player, you can customize your difficulty settings by clicking the "Advanced" button located to the right of the preset difficulty selection button. In this scenario, that means it's next to the button that says "Hard".

Difficulty customization applies per-difficulty. This means that you need to have Hard mode selected, and then customize your difficulty settings.

19 Apr


My assumption is that you've configured the zombie spawn chances for a difficulty that you're not using. For example, you may have configured the Easy difficulty preset to have 0 special zombies, but you're playing on the Normal difficulty preset which still has the default spawn chances.

In which case, the solution is to either configure the intended difficulty preset, or to switch your server to the modified difficulty preset.

09 Apr


Looks good :)

06 Apr


Originally posted by Wojo_OP

Guys am I the only one who rathers charts over GPS?

I prefer Charts on maps with a lot of underwater structures, as those objects are layered above the water on an unaltered Chart view.

03 Apr


All of the Devkit functionality is being merged into the legacy editor. I believe this is stated a few times in some past blog posts, and a few of the more recent update changelogs.

01 Apr