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25 Sep


Update on what I have been working on for Unturned 3 and 4.

I have ended up working on Unturned 3 more than expected these past few weeks. There has been some nice progress on 4 as well nevertheless.

Transport Layer Rewrite

Rewriting this aspect of the netcode has been on my to-do list for a long time, and was the main task I mentioned in the previous devlog. In a case of bizarre timing Valve actually deprecated the old V1 Steam Networking the same day I began working on the new V2 Steam Networking! The changes are essentially ready to go now, and we just need a fix from the current Steam client beta.

If you are interested, here is the GitHub issue for future netcode rewrites.

Unity 2019 LTS

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23 Sep


All of the previous answers are all kinda-almost correct.

The red cross on a white background is a trademark protected by the Geneva Convention, and is a symbol of the Red Cross. A generic red cross, on some other or no other background element, is not trademarked. There are some other symbols on a white background that are trademarked too, such as the Red Crescent symbol.

The Red Cross is not a medical organization—this is a common misconception because of certain aspects of the Red Cross, in addition to how the trademark is often violated and the symbol is mistakenly used by unaffiliated medical organizations—but rather an international humanitarian organization.

The trademark is enforced. Regardless: even if a trademark isn't enforced against every violation, that doesn't make the use lawful.

The medkit, suturekit, and health status bar were not in violation of the trademark. The first two were white crosses on a red background, while the...

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07 Sep


Your post is rather vague, as it doesn't actually describe how you setup your server.

Did you follow the official docs? What's your Commands.dat look like? Did you set your Server.bat to be a +LanServer instead of an +InternetServer? Etc.


Originally posted by satirelive

Try sending him an email, he responds actively there

It's worth noting that Nelson does not develop the console port of the game – the console port is developed by FunLabs and 505 Games.

28 Aug


Your post is a bit too vague. It'd be helpful if you provided additional information, such as your spawn table set-up.

Post update mostly fixing stuff from the previous update.

Left Handed Mode

While it may not have a gameplay impact, I do want to support left handed characters to make left handed players more comfortable. It impacts a lot of systems and is good to tackle early on. You can now use the "/MirrorHandedness" command to switch the character between left and right handed mode.

It uses much the same approach as in Unturned by flipping the entire character. Last night Molt realized this does not work at all for vehicles, so we might need to take the trickier approach of actually mirroring the animations instead for the next update. At least that will resolve the oddities of flipped text and models.

One Handed Keybinds

Dishonored is one of my favorite games, and unfortunately I defaulted to the confusing right click uses left weapon, left click uses right weapon from that game. Now the left and right ...

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Let me lend you a hand with these questions. Wouldn't want you to have been left empty-handed!

1) Yes, the game will be on Steam. 2) Officially supported? More than U3. 3) We've already talked about this a lot. Short answer: yes, less limited than U3, yes. 4) Already implemented (with a screenshot of it on Devlog #039).

5) Devlogs aren't scheduled. That being said, we typically do announcements (if we have any) on Fridays. The next Unturned II update is largely just a minor patch to the last update. You'll have the next devlog relatively soon.

25 Aug

22 Aug


Originally posted by Wolfster89

You know unturned is unrealistic when you find binoculars everywhere in towns. Out of all the places I've visited never ever have I heard or seen anyone have those.

I have a pair of binoculars! :(

21 Aug


Originally posted by CubeTheLad

This seems awesome, although I hope drones have a certain proximity and also attack zombies as it would be really annoying if you were surrounded by zombies and tried to run but just got gunned down.

Drones patrol areas, rather than just roaming freely across the entire map. Although they chase the player slightly, the idea is that they're a hazard at more end-game areas.

Post update with Scorpion-7 defenses, electric flashlight and dual-wielding pistols.

Trirotor Drone

Scorpion-7 personnel left these automated defenses watching over their facility during evacuation. Their scanners detect motion, so you can stand still while they pass over you to remain unseen.

It may seem odd t...

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Don't use older versions of RocketMod, like some people may suggest. They're not compatible with the latest version of the game.

Our own fork, called LDM, is packaged with the game itself (and the U3DS app too).


We've said this fairly often, but in case people are wondering if the plan has changed:

In the past, we've said that we want the game to be free-to-play. This is still the plan for the game. :)

18 Aug


If it makes people feel better about the wait, we're always excited to get the next devlog out too!

And I might be biased, but there's some pretty nice stuff that'll be shown off in the next devlog/update. :x


Originally posted by MutatedTree

PC, I needed to know a schedule so I could know when to play.

It's every 3 days for PC.

15 Aug


If the respawn point is obstructed (e.g., placing stuff over the bedroll) then the respawn point isn't valid.

14 Aug

13 Aug


It's neither. People can't "fake" prices on the Steam Community Market. All buying/selling occurs between Steam users, with Steam just being a hub and taking a % cut from transactions.

If you're trying to sell an item like a common shirt (e.g., the Yield Hoodie), it's going to sell for 3 cents (USD). The "price jumps" are from people buying items in bulk, usually 100+ at a time. Either for personal collection, other market purposes, or to salvage them into crafting materials.

When people buy in bulk for these cheap items, there's thousands of items much cheaper than whatever you're setting yours at. And then, hundreds more around the same price as what you've set yours at. The likelihood of your item selling goes down quite a bit.


Originally posted by snoopiemc

Any one know if there is a forum or subreddit for the console beta usually there is a forum for feed back, bugs and discussions on the beta but I cant find any thing I will continue to look around the web if any one can help with this that would be great ty.

Unturned is available through the Xbox Insider program. Feedback (including bug reports) for all betas available through Xbox Insider should be made directly through the program, not through any external forums.


General discussion is more-or-less appropriate in any Unturned community.

08 Aug


Officially? None.

Curated? Greece, France, and Cyprus.

Workshop mods? You'll probably be able to find a handful, but many of them would likely be of dubious quality.

When do they post?

(GMT +0)
Something missing? Let us know and we'll add it!