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It's from a mod you have installed. The mod author might have listed such information from the mod page. Otherwise, just check from the mod folder.

19 Jan


Originally posted by GazziFX

There's no magic option "use all my cores" the most game code is single threaded

^^ This.

Also, to clarify: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES isn't a valid command-line / launch option. That's one of Unreal Engine 4's built-in command-line arguments. Unturned is made in Unity, not Unreal Engine 4.

Players looking to configure their launch options should refer to the official documentation that we link to from in-game, or use our ...

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13 Jan


The official Discord server is discord.gg/unturned.

There's also a ton of community servers. This subreddit has one, many of the larger server networks and content creators have one, there's a lot of servers dedicated to modding/plugins, and more! You can probably find a handful of these through Discord's "Discovery" feature.


Originally posted by Putrid_Combination10

Where can i find the hole brush?

TerrainMaterialsCut [R]

12 Jan


Originally posted by Emilber03

If you have some more time to answer a question of mine that i cant really find info ab, does A6 polaris block blueprints? since alot of the "normal" blueprints just dont come up even when i get max skills on them. Im guessing its because that it has custom items and buildables but that seems kinda sad that it would block other blueprints.

Most curated maps have custom progression and custom items instead of the normal items/progression you'd experience on official maps.

There isn't a single item on A6 Polaris from the vanilla game, hence why you can't use any vanilla blueprints.


Originally posted by Emilber03

Omg your an actuall saint dude, i have been trying to do this for so long now and this actually worked, thank you so much!

You're welcome!

I'm personally more active on our official SDG Forum (and so is Nelson), but I do periodically browse the subreddit as well to see what interesting content or questions people are posting here instead.

Be mindful that the player clips are there for a reason (mostly for multiplayer, but regardless). It's unlikely you'll get stuck somewhere you shouldn't be, but if you do you may need to use the /teleport command to get out.


Originally posted by Emilber03

Thank you for responding, i kinda didnt think someone would, but it seems like the "Use_Legacy_Clip_Borders false" is already on that in the config file, but i still always get the "out of bounds"

The linked posts discuss this a bit, but to clarify for A6 Polaris specifically:

Use_Legacy_Clip_Borders false toggles the default world border. This is, basically, a cube around the edges of the map, preventing you from going too close to the real edge of the map.

A6 Polaris, and some other curated maps (or Workshop maps) will disable the default world borders by default. This is because they might want to put something in what's normally considered "out-of-bounds". E.g., an NPC safezone, an Easter egg, some questline... Or, their map is a custom/weird shape, and they just need to manually create the map border instead.

Custom map borders (like the ones on A6 Polaris) are done with Player Clip volumes. In the Editor, you can configure volumes from the "Volumes" tab. Navigate to this tab, select the "Player Clip" volume, toggle its visibility to Solid, and then manually go through and delete all player clip volumes on t...

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Terrain is always "hollow". The only terrain that actually exists is what you see on the outside.

Use the Hole brush and paint a hole for the entrance. Use Objects (fake terrain, boulders, bunkers, etc.) for inside the hole.


I answered a similar question regarding this a few weeks ago here. I recommend reading both of the posts I made there, but in short: there's default map boundaries, player clip volumes that function as custom map boundaries, and safezone volumes that can function similar in limiting player functionality.

11 Jan

09 Jan


If you've already generated a token from Steam, and already added that same token to your server as well (through either the GSLT command or the Config.json option for it), then it's likely an issue with your port forwarding. Or, you're giving your friend the wrong information to join with.

Double check the ports that you've forwarded. Note that not all routers support port ranges. You may also need to open those ports on your firewall. If you're using a custom port, make sure you've set that with the port command as well.


Originally posted by JTuceHok

How could i run dedicated server without token?

You can't. You have to generate a token and add it to your dedicated server


As another commenter mentioned, it sounds like you haven't manually generated (and added) a game server login token yet.

06 Jan


Originally posted by Kosmos77_yt

Pretty sure those are bots farming in game items or something like this.

There are no in-game drops active right now.


Have you already tried following the official modding documentation for the game that we link to from in-game, or is there something you were confused about?


03 Jan


You should double-check your Steam settings for things like your download region, your download folder, clearing download cache, etc.

It's also Tuesday, so Steam maintenance is ongoing. You might have been trying to download mods during the maintenance period.

01 Jan

29 Dec


It can take a while to generate a chart, especially if you have a weaker machine. Have you tried waiting longer, or does it crash even if you don't touch anything while waiting?

27 Dec


Originally posted by OkEstablishment2907

What do you mean by unintended behaviors?

A lot of things are hard-coded with the Insane map size being the maximum. E.g., netcode assumes the map isn't larger than that. Here's some bugs on the GitHub repository that are related to maps larger than Insane dimensions:

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