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18 Apr


Originally posted by KGBknockingOnUrDoor

WIP is work in progress, which means it's still coming for everyone, Nelson wrote in a devlog a few weeks ago that he added custom weather for an upcoming map, so I think this is going to be another curated map, this time with custom weather.

This map has nothing to do with the recent changes to weather, which had been requested years prior.


You can only get a drop once every 3 days. Is there an official resource that says drops can occur daily?

Looking at the FAQ available on Steam Discussions, it already correctly says that a drop can occur once every 3 days.


Trade for it.

16 Apr


There are no cosmetics that make you start with items. You're probably thinking of the Skillsets game mechanic, and the Loadouts server configuration setting.

Skillsets only give you items in singleplayer. Server owners can add additional configuration settings to make you spawn with items on their multiplayer server, but this is not default and the items may differ on a server-to-server basis.

14 Apr


Both the official documentation for modding/servers/etc., and the current official community wiki, are linked to from in-game.

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Originally posted by GamiTV

Linking directly to the documentation is tight.

10 Apr


Originally posted by Mr_Tarko

What do you mean new keys?

Any key purchased from the stockpile after late 2015.

08 Apr


Looks like an NPC from Workshop content, which you likely spawned in or was already spawned on the map you opened.


Originally posted by Mr_Tarko

There is one thing I don't know about. The price on the steam community market that people are willing buy are at 29$ but the keys on the stockpile are at a 1.30$ so I'm thinking of your can sell for a great profit the community market.

New keys haven't been marketable for years, because some Steam users were trying to scam others with absurd prices. The few keys that still remain in the market are not something I would recommend purchasing with the intent of using.

31 Mar


Anecdotes from the past month of gamedev. Focused on the decisions and thinking behind the RPC rewrite.

RPC Rewrite

Unturned uses "remote procedure calls" (RPC) for all gameplay netcode. This is a fancy way of saying that when you press the "pick up item [F]" key, the client asks the server to call a PickUpItem method, and then the server responds by telling the client to call an AddItemToInventory method.

Prior to the rewrite it looked something like:

public void askChat(CSteamID senderId, byte flags, string text)
channel.send("askChat", ESteamCall.SERVER, ESteamPacket.UPDATE_RELIABLE_BUFFER, flags, text);

This works fine, but there are a lot of aspects to improve:

  • Back when most of this old code was rewritten nameof() was not available in Unity's c# version, so a typo could break the call and not be found until runtime.
  • P...
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30 Mar


Unturned doesn't have local co-op. You cannot use software or tools such as Steam Remote Play, Parsec, etc., to do what you're wanting to do.

16 Mar


Originally posted by _Gummi_


I'm unsure if this was a joke comment, but it should* actually be one of the most accurate guesses I've seen in a while. Of course "a lot" is technically correct too though


Originally posted by AzZubana

Yes I would think so but they haven't stopped yet.

I think I Unturned 2 is gonna blow. I don't follow it like that so if I'm wrong great point it out. I probably will not be F2P. And it will probably try to do to much and be complicated. Unturned has a certain simple charm to it.

Hey! I recommend following Unturned II then, since we've been fairly open about the roadmap for it, what we consider "too complicated" and what we consider integral to Unturned's charm, and that it'll be free-to-play.


Well, the last update to the game was 4 days ago, and it's been updated about ten times this year. At the start of this month we released a blogpost detailing a lot of the near-future updates to Unturned, with plays to release an updated long-term roadmap at some point in the future.

Nelson still really enjoys developing Unturned and is excited for a lot of the updates coming to it this year, and it's still one of the most popular games on Steam, so I think it's a safe bet to say it's still getting updated. (And will still be updated for the foreseeable future, for both the desktop version of the game and the console ports developed by FunLab and 505 Games.)


Pretty. Is this your base?

13 Mar


You can earn achievements with Cheats enabled.

12 Mar

Whether you're shooting missiles across Hawaii or chucking turtles at your enemies, we showcase some of the best ideas the Unturned community has to offer! From art, to artillery, to Terry, to questions, we have it all.

Mod Showcase

A community-made mod for every kind of perfectly reasonable folk. Call in a recon aircraft that marks your enemies with yellow smoke, and then face your enemies head-on with your favorite tortoise turtle and a lifetime supply of glue.

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