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Originally posted by Wolfster89

Only issue is we're gonna need to go to the virgin store to get mods

Just like with 3.0, mods the Steam Workshop will be the primary hub for downloading mods.

Looking back on the past year.

Thanks for another great year on Steam! It was three years ago today that Unturned 3.0 released from early access, and six years since Unturned 2.0 originally launched into early access. It has been about seven years since my initial work on Unturned 1.0 - yikes!

There were sixteen Unturned II devlogs, and fourteen Unturned updates (excluding minor ones) this past year, so the development focus was split about equally. Despite not many direct gameplay changes to Unturned I feel like there has been a lot of good work to improving the quality, and intend to continue e.g. eventually revamping the netcode. I also hope to continue shifting more dev time towards Unturned II, but think it is important to show that commitment to both games for the long haul.

Reviewing Announcements

Each update had its fair share of changes if you would like to read them. These are my thoughts looking ba...

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03 Jul

The Community Blog returns! We answer a handful of questions, and take a brief look within a couple of the going-ons of the community.

With the Art Contest having wrapped up at the start of last month, we return to other community news, content, and questions.

Creator Spotlight: Makuta

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26 Jun update with sky and framework for admin commands.

Informal Overiew Video

Admin Commands

Support for chat commands has been added alongside several time-related utilities. Note that permissions and roles have not been added yet, so anyone can execute them temporarily.

I decided to loosely follow POSIX / GNU argument parsing so that it can be standardized between commands. Each command can define named parameters parsed from "-key=value" or "-key value", and other arguments are treated as operands. The commands should try to be smart about the operands, e.g. "/time 12:00" wants to change the time to noon, but named parameters ought to be useful for cases like "I want to ban a player with this steamid, not a player with a numeric name."


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24 Jun

Originally posted by Darkwater-2034

" Ideally, server owners shouldn't need a framework such as RocketMod."So will there exist the option to use features resembling more popular plugins if a server owner sees fit or is this a "developer intent" kind of thing?

OP was asking if Rocket was required to run plugins—they didn't necessarily ask about the popular Rocket plugins themselves. Rocket is/was just a framework people preferred to use to make plugins, although it's not needed to make plugins in U3.

The same applies to U4, in which you shouldn't need to use a third-party framework to be able to run plugins on your server (similar to how you don't need a third-party tool to be able to run the game with mods). But it will also be much easier to mod the game, including in ways that would essentially just be various U3 plugins.

As far as your question goes (having features that resemble popular U3 plugins), there's features and tools we want to implement that make server hosting a better experience, but we aren't specifically targeting popular plugins to add them as official features.

20 Jun

Originally posted by MrOofioVerse

No it isn’t??? You can put his shirt on zombies without modding at all just normal unmodded editor.

The editor/devkit are a part of our modding tools.

18 Jun

It's hard to make out the audio, but it looks like the person shooting at you while prone was using a long-range rifle of some sort. You were also shot in the head, which depending on the server's config settings (and the weapon) can result in an instant kill.

The person that was standing was using an automatic rifle. They hit you first which knocked you down to the 63%. It seems that their friend (the prone person) got the actual kill on you.

16 Jun

Originally posted by sneeki_cheeki_breeki

Is it a mod??


Originally posted by plixelplayz

Dude there are stuff you just cant craft like the blowtorch and the saw you need to find them or spawn then in

You can craft the saw.

But that isn't what OP was asking about anyways. OP was asking about information related to modding (as evidenced based on the post's tag, and the question he asked). Unfortunately for OP, no such thing is implemented currently.

The mode is based on the map, not the server.

12 Jun update with trees.


Obviously certain elements like the magical downward swing insta-killing trees are temporary. Main changes compared to original Unturned:

  • Felled trunk is permanent (rather than an effect) and will be harvested for sticks and logs.
  • Stumps do not respawn.
  • Trees can be planted.
  • Art is manually designed somewhere between the early 3.0 trees and the later speedtrees, aiming for good performance with a distinct look.

Eventual features for future updates:

  • Tools for uprooting stumps.
  • Damage dealt by falling trunks.
  • Heat the pine cones to release the seeds. Grow a sapling before transplanting into the forest.
  • Melee direction left/right to cut vertical trees...
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11 Jun

Originally posted by thekkkkiller

I think I might have underestimated how big it is I just looked up how big it is and it's like 5000 km2

For reference, the landmass would cover an area the size of 1,380,000 copies of the in-game Russia map. That doesn't account for the actual shape of P.E.I., nor the waters around it, so the actual in-game map would be a bit larger than that reference point.

Originally posted by kinigits

I completely agree. I play video games to forget about all that for a little bit, and I don’t really want to be reminded of it every time I play Unturned.

Like with all in-game header notifications, they only appear on start-up until the notification is clicked on for the first time.

04 Jun

Ready, set, celebrate! You easily surpassed a hundred submissions, and the event's judges have selected from those fourteen winners for the Art Contest.

At the time of posting, the Shiny Art Contest Sweater may still be in the process of being distributed.

The categories below are purely for the sake of viewing convenience.


These works represent a bulk of the submissions, and encompass a wide variety of art styles. Be it lineless art, digitally drawn, or inspired by pastels. Flat shading, or an emphasis on capturing light.

  • ...
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Originally posted by private-pickle

True but still

The Maplestrike is a C7A2, which is Canadian. :X Easy mistake though!

03 Jun

Originally posted by HelloThereIamAHuman

Will Unturned II have a different Lore/Story from Unturned?

Unturned II is being designed to have its own unique story and lore, rather than be a retelling of Unturned's. It should be a much more coherent story with both Excursions and NPC interactions tying into them!

Originally posted by niconico44

Will this game be on consoles?

The game is currently in early development for PC (Windows, Mac, and Linux) and I would not anticipate any such console releases, especially since the game itself hasn't been developed and released yet.

With that in mind -- thank you for your interest in console versions!

Originally posted by Pro_reddit0r

Been trying my luck for days on end and I can’t figure it out how to do it properly. I need a server on Linux machine up ASAP.

Is there an issue you're having with following SDG's (and by extension, the Valve Developer Community's) official documentation?

Several weeks of May were used to push out necessary/backlogged updates for Unturned. Unturned II devlogs are released when we feel there's enough to discuss or push out an update for.

For resources regarding information like this, it's usually posted on the official roadmap, or in the latest U3 patch note or U4 devlog (whichever one is more relevant at the time).

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