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Originally posted by I-V-A-N__3000

'We will keep a record' What does he mean by 'we'? :D

We keep track of server reports internally, and banned/moderated servers publicly.

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Originally posted by crulymink

This doesn't say anything about existing workshop addons being used on servers.

Steam TOS says that anything on the workshop can be used freely. Are you saying SDG is actively blacklisting servers because the owners don't want their addons being used (without legitimate copyright claims) or are you just giving general info.

Stuff from workshop creators (and seemingly SDG) contrasts heavily with steam workshop regulations. Just looking for some clarification, thanks.

Also seems like u/MoltonMontro could help with this haha

Anybody can click the "subscribe" button on content uploaded to the Steam Workshop.

You cannot re-upload someone else's content as your own. If you do so, the original uploader can file a notice of copyright infringement through Steam. The link to do so is here: https://steamcommunity.com/dmca/create/. Steam would then evaluate the notice, and one of the potential outcomes is that the reupload is taken down. Steam will usually remove a reported reupload within a month. Servers that repeatedly and intentionally do this can be reported.

Some mods utilize a feature that allows them to limit the multiplayer server IPs that can download the mod. The mod you're looking at probably does this, and likely also requires plugins to work properly anyways. If you tried to add it to your server, it likely wouldn't work even if it did download successfully.

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