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So, I've been trying to set zombie health to around 40% of original value, so i would be able to kill them with one shot with sniper guns on player damage, but for whatever reason no matter how i change the setting it only seems to affect the fist punch dmg, to the point when setting it to 20 litterally evaporates the zombies. Does anyone have any idea how to change zombie health/firearms dmg?

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On mobile, but my assumption is that zombie armor multiplier is only used in zombie damage calculations. OP said they're using the player damage setting. As far as Fists go, to simplify it certain damage sources don't have the same distinctions. Bayonets are a good example.

EDIT: These two configuration settings are currently incompatible with each other. Regardless, 400% damage multiplier would basically the same as just playing without the setting, and might even be easier. If an interaction between the two settings was added, I would suggest a 1.15 multiplier instead.

I've created an issue regarding the bug. You can follow it here: https://github.com/SmartlyDressedGames/Unturned-3.x-Community/issues/2808

To follow-up on this, this bug has been fixed with the latest game update (