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Couldn’t even get to the foundation. Online it said make plates, then frames, then a foundation, but once I made the plates I didn’t have an option to make frames.

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what's this? you just chop down a tree then use the logs (3 of them) to make log foundation.

what you looked up is for metal floor, in which case craft 4 scrap into 2 metal sheets and then go under base to make a "metal foundation"

I think they actually looked up the Unturned 2.x (classic) crafting recipes, which is practically just a different game. Back in 2014, building included more crafting ingredients (e.g. crafting plates, frames, and supports first).

u/HentaiLordCliche – the crafting menu in-game will show you recipes you have at least one ingredient of. E.g., if you have a log you can see all the structure pieces.

Alternatively, you can use the official wiki to look up recipes. https://wiki.smartlydressedgames.com/wiki/Floor

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