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not sure if it's actually a bug, but to me it seems like it - I have a bunch of skins equipped and the ones on my character do actually show up, but none of my weapon skins do... I play single player, i checked for an option in the game settings, tried dequipping and equipping the skins, dropping the weapons, even the button that enables/disables skins in the inventory menu does nothing (character skin button works fine)

EDIT: it appears that this is an issue with Kuwait, i joined some random server (washington) and my skins were there, so I went to washington on singleplayer and they were there as well, same with other curated maps; only Kuwait doesn't work... generally it seems like there is some mechanics that you'd expect to be global, but are somehow tied to the map, like the gear showing stats like storage space, damage, armor etc on Kuwait but not the other maps, whereas for example the cloth quick menu "craft rag" doesn't exist on that map but does on others...

EDIT 2: so i looked into this a bit further and it turns out that there are 2 completely different sets of weapons, completely independent from each other... Seems the map creators took it upon themselves to remodel all the weapons on that map and put them as seperate entities, so i have two Avenger pistols now, one from the map without the skin, and one that i spawned in that has the skin (with different models)... Seems kinda... weird to me - I do like their models more tbh but it would be nice if my skins would apply to them... also, the stats do actually appear on those items when spawned on another map, and i also checked the cloth which seems to be the same one, but doesn't have the "craft rag" interaction like on other maps

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Some mods, which includes curated content, may have reworked versions of vanilla items. Depending on how the mod maker has chosen to implement such items, they can allow for skins to function on the items, but this isn't something that's always going to happen.

This is not a bug – skins only apply to the actual vanilla content.