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Hello, I wanted to ask if there is a way to create a bigger custom map than with the standard map sizes, and if so how?

I have uploaded this post before, but I have tried the suggestions but ti didn't work, are there any other possibilities to make my map larger? The suggestion was to just extend the terrain further, but the red boundary you see in the editor does seem to stop the player from passing.

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You can disable the border from your map's config file, and then manually add a new one using volumes from within the editor.

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I have done so, and it worked, Thanks! But how would I go about adding the Border back? I'm also facing the problem, that after a certain point there is just no more water, can I also configure this in the config or is there a different approach to that?

  1. You can add Player Clip volumes from the Volumes tab, from within the editor. Use these to make your map border.

  2. Yes – you can disable the legacy/default water similar to how you disabled borders. Then you can manually add your own Water volumes from within the map editor.