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Originally posted by Biscuit_1337: My friends and I recently started playing on a private server, and we're really enjoying the game. We did have one question/concern about the Mistlands update. Since a new biome is being introduced, and maps are generated at world creation, will we have to start our world over once the update drops?

I'm assuming, since character data is separate from world data, that we would keep all our character specific progress (skills/inventory), so I'm not TERRIBLY concerned if we have to start over as it shouldn't take too long to catch up, but just wanted to know what to expect. Not sure if this has been an issue that came up in previous updates or not.

The world is generated as you explore. If no player has been to (or near) a specific Mistlands area, that area should still get the updated content! Anywhere you've already been will stay essentially the same, regardless of updates.
You are correct that your skills and inventory are stored in the character data, so you could easily just bring your current character into a new world if you can't find any untouched Mistlands :)

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