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Screenshots are always here: DRIVE:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\ACCOUNTID\760\remote\892970\screenshots because this is how Steam works.

Nothing changed regarding screenshot folders.
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This thread isn't unique or constructive. We have many threads on the discussion of earnings, stats, dying games, etc. We do not need another. Thank you.

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Valheim supports Steam Family Sharing.

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The AMA is now closed, but you can catch up on the Q&A at the link below. This topic will remain for a limited amount of time. Thank you!

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Originally posted by ALEX-IV

So, best course of action for current players is just to try to not explore beyond plains then?

well, the world is pretty huge , so if you explore just a small part of Midlands etc the rest will still be unaffected.


Originally posted by PubScrub95

I understand that Hearth and Stone covers building and food. Will there be other additions aside from that? Or is it a secret? Cause I do like exploring and discovering something new in the game.

Also I love the work you guys have done on the game. I don't mind that the update has been delayed and I am looking forward to the big updates coming up!


Correct, the main focus of Hearth & Home was initially to do some changes and re-balancing to the food system. Which has been kind of the main focus of it. That said we still want to add some new fun stuff for you to find and explore in the world. But of course we don't want to spoil that for you =D. In addition to the changes in the food system we have also made some pretty big changes to the blocking mechanics. Will probably talk more about this at some later time.


Originally posted by EnvironmentalSciGuy

Maybe way down the line add a ocean biome thats just a chain of small tropical islands like the Florida keys. Have a nice peaceful beach escape where you have to focus on building smart in case of big storms

Technically we already have an Ocean biome, We actually have some loose plans to add more interesting content to it. Just not sure when =)


Originally posted by Fotocinas

Thanks for the AMA!

When new biomes are added or changed, you have to generate a new world - i believe. Is there any way to not have to build everything again from scratch, when that happens? (Maybe using the same seed for the new world & and everything will stay where it is - but not on the new/changed biomes?)

I don’t have much free time and there will be coming lots of updates from you the next years. I simply can’t afford to just start over multiple times :(

First this is a pretty complex question to answer. As already stated all our current planned biomes are technically already in the game and depending on what kind of changes we will do to them it will affect the rest of the game world in different ways. We will try to not break any existing worlds and allow you to continue playing in them after updates as much as possible. However already explored areas will most likely not get any new content, and you will have to visit unexplored areas to be able to experience the new content added. Depending on what kind of changes we make to the world generation you might have to create a new world to be able to get the new changes. Short answer: it all depends on what changes we will do to the world-generation but we will try to keep your existing worlds as working as possible and allow you to continue playing in it...but no promises ;-)


Originally posted by TheLobitzz

Any thoughts on adding skills for cooking, farming/husbandry, sailing, smelting, crafting or even gathering?

Definitely thoughts on adding crafting skills, the challenge is figuring out a way to do it that works well with the existing system ( quality & extensions etc ). But I hope we will figure something out in the future. Sailing skill is also something we have talked about but not high priority at this point. But definitely something we will consider in the future.


Originally posted by DrOins

Any plans on adding more land transportation options besides the Cart?

Something that a tamed Lox may pull or so.

Adding variants of the existing cart is definitely something we should consider. Adding other types of land transportation sounds like an interesting challenge ( I always love to play around with physics), but its not something we currently have planned.


Originally posted by Evamzki

Will you consider adding one or more 'peaceful' biomes such as the meadow? The further I get into the game the less time I get to spend in meadows, which is by far my favorite biome. It doesn't have to look similar, it's more about how calm it is when it comes to enemies and ambience.

No, not really, at least not any concrete plans. We are currently planning on adding 3 more biomes (Mistlands, Deep north and Ashlands) before we exit Early Access. What happens after that we don't really know at this point =)

10 Jun

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Follow the rules listed here:

If you still have questions feel free to ask, otherwise I'll close this thread later.
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Yes, view the Looking For Group subforum to see examples.